Distance Learning May 26th - 29th

Learn from Home: May 26th 29th

Mrs. Beltz’s 5th Grade Classes

Due by Sunday Evening (May 31st)





*Times given are approximations*



5K8-9, 5P1, 5P5, 5L4

*Say a daily decade of the rosary for an end to the corona virus.*




  •   Tuesday Friday: This week you are going to be the teacher!  You have all week to create a lesson, make a video of you teaching it, create a quiz to go over the lesson you taught, and an answer key with all the work to show you understand.  Watch the video and look at the handout for all the information.  Get creative and have fun!

Social Studies


5.01-0.2, 5.25, 5.28, 5.30

  •   Tuesday: Read pages 272-273.  Complete the 4 items on page 273 and submit on Schoology.  
  •   Wednesday: Read pages 274  - 275.  Label all the items on the wagon on page 274.  Take a CLOSE UP picture of the wagon and submit on Schoology.
  •   Thursday and Friday: Play a game from my childhood to help you understand the hardships of the Oregon Trail!  Watch my instructional video on Schoology.  It is old school, but so fun. Your parents may have played it when they were in school.  Take a picture of your ending score.  Can you make it to Oregon??? Play once on Thursday and once on Friday.  😊 https://www.retrogames.cz/play_687-DOS.php?language=EN


       Test                              Quiz