Pre-Ap Calendar Lesson Plans

Mrs. Bennett's Pre-Ap Lessons at a Glance
*Please note that lesson plans are a fluid and ever-changing, therefore they are subject to change and will be updated regularly*

October 2009
45-Venn Diagram-2 Voice Poem Rough draft. 6-Antigone Test-Vocabulary Analysis Concept7Repeat B-Day8-Vocabulary Quiz-Literary Term Introduced-Literary Term Practice #19Repeat B-Day10
1112No school13-Julius Caesar Vocabulary-Visual Clues w/ questions14Repeat B-DayPSAT15-When’s When JC-Intro to Shakespeare-Begin Act I w/ Cornel Notes 16Repeat B-Day17
1819-Lit Term #1 Practice -Book share- Act I finished - Complete Cornel notes summary-Poetry, Prose, and Puns20Repeat B-Day21-Stars & Soothsayers-Act I Quiz-Act II w/ Cornel notes22Repeat B-Day23-Lit Term #2 Practice-A closer look at Brutus-Finish Act II-Complete Cornel notes summary24
2526Repeat B-Day27-Husband & Wives-Quiz Act II-Act III w/ Cornel notes28Repeat B-Day29-Lit Term #3 -Finish Act III-Complete Cornel notes summary-Who’s Who30Repeat B-Day31