Junior English Calendar

Mrs. Bennett's Junior Calendar at a Glance
*Please note that lesson plans are a fluid and ever-changing, therefore they are subject to change and will be updated regularly*

October 2009
    12-Vocabulary # 2-Yes, No...But-Read Ch. 4 w/ post-it notes3
45B-Day Repeats6-Journal Chapter 4-Groups work on study guide questions-Vocab #2-Read Ch. 5 w/ post-it notes7B-Day Repeats8-Epigram Ch. #1-5-Quiz Ch. 2-4-Read Ch. 6-Post it notes due Ch. 1-5-Study Guide due Ch. 1-49B-Day Repeats10
1112No School13-Journal Chapter 5-Groups work on study guide questions-Turn in Vocab #2-Read Ch. 7 w/ post-its14B-Day Repeats15-Letter Not Sent-Vocab #3 turn in-Quiz Ch. 5-7-Read Ch. 8 w/ post-its16B-Day Repeats17
1819-Post Card-Groups work on study guide questions-Questions Ch. #5-8 due-Read Ch. 9 w/ post-its20B-Day Repeats21-Epigram Ch. #6-10-Vocabulary #4-Finding Comfort H.O-Read Ch. 10 w/ post-its22B-Day Repeats23-Journal Ch. #10-Quiz Ch. 8-10-Post-it notes Ch. 6-10 due-Read Ch. 11 w/ post-its24
2526B-Day Repeats27-Post Card-Bee/Character Study-Groups study guide questions-Read Ch. 12 w/ post-it notes28B-Day Repeats29-Journal Ch. #12-Study guide Ch. #9-12 due-Metaphorical drawing-Read Ch. 13 w/ post-it notes30B-Day Repeats31