Think Ahead

Dates and Deadlines...Homework Assignments
This link provides students and parents with upcoming dates and deadlines.  Each week I will post assignments along with any relatable Homework Help links.  All homework will be posted exactly one week prior to the due date.  Homework assignments will always be due on Thursdays, therefore, a new post will appear every Thursday to be due the next Thursday. 
Assignment #1
Title: So Tell Me About Yourself
Due Date: Tuesday, September 1 (first day of school)
Your first assignment will be the only assignment that is NOT due on a Thursday.  You are to bring in one object that helps describe who you are.  For example, I enjoy painting, so I might bring in one of my favorite paintings or maybe even one of my own!  Remember to bring in only ONE item and be sure that it is a NON-LIVING object.  In other words, pets are NOT allowed.  Also, bring in an item that can fit easily into your school bag. Please bring your object with you on the first day of school.  Be ready to share your object with your classmates.  You will be telling what the object is and how it describes who you are.  If you're having trouble figuring out what to bring in, ask your parents for help.  I'm sure they'll have some good ideas for you!