HW: none

CW and TOC: Science final


HW: study for final

CW and TOC: white board review


HW: 4th quarter notebook check tomorrow (Mar 14-present)

CW and TOC: white board review


HW: Astonomy  Study guide due tomorrow

CW and TOC: complete astronomy study guide


HW: study

CW and TOC: The Moon - formation, phases, eclipses, characteristics


HW: complete Astronomy study guide, if not completed in class. due Wednesday, May 16

CW: work on astronomy study guide


HW: finish Gravity lab activity and SS chart periods 5 and 6, Earth in Space notes periods 3, 8, 9

CW: review HW, review SS chart, Gravity lab, notes on earth in space (rotation, revolution, seasons)

TOC: Earth in Space


HW: finish Gravity Lab activity, if not completed in class (periods 3,8,9) AND print Astronomy Graphic Organizer and Astronomy study guide)

CW: Gravity lab; FSA Math

TOC: Gravity lab activity


HW: none

CW: online research NASA continued, FSA Math testing

TOC: Solar system


HW: none

CW and TOC: online research NASA - planets


HW: read text p 830-834 ans q 1 and 2 on p 836  ****4th quarter notebook check on May 17 will cover March 14-May 17

CW and TOC: Solar System factoids


HW: none

CW and TOC: solar system factoids


HW: none

CW and TOC: Secrets of the Sun dvd with questions


HW: none

CW: Stars quiz and spectrometers

TOC: spectrometers

4/27  ***** The science final will take place on May 18 and will cover all of the second semester units: minerals, rocks, volcanoes, earth quakes, plate tectonics, geologic time, and astronomy..... students should use their notes, labs, and completed study guides to prepare for the exam.

HW: stars quiz on Monday... includes: EMS, characteristics of stars, lifecycles of stars, H-R diagram

CW: return and review: Astronomy vocab quiz, geologic time quiz, geologic time projects, white board review

TOC: white board review


HW: finish H-R diagram anaysis and conclusion questions, if not completed in class

CW: work on H-R diagram analysis and conclusion questions, 2 column notes on galaxies and the universe

TOC: Galaxies and the Universe


HW: none

CW: astronomy vocab quiz, finalize the H-R diagrams

TOC: H-R diagrams


HW: vocab quiz tomorrow... I have added neutron star to the vocab list

CW and TOC: H-R diagram prep


HW: vocab quiz on WEDNESDAY, April 25 : fusion, electromagnetic spectrum, main sequence, light year (p840), nebula, apparent magnitude, absolute magnitude, supernova, black hole, Big Bang Theory and neutron star...... Quiz on Stars on Monday, April 30 (characteristics, lifecycles, H-R diagram)

CW; diagram the lifecycle of stars, review All About Waves and Energy Chart

TOC: Lifecycle of Stars diagram


HW: none

CW and TOC: Lifecycle of Stars movie


HW: complete "Energy Chart" and "All About Waves" handed out in class today  ..... due Monday

CW: Lifecycles of stars.... slides, notes and diagrams

TOC: Lifecycles of stars


HW: complete Cool Cosmos on line tutorial (use link on my website)..... due Monday

CW and TOC: Characteristics of stars


HW: none

CW and TOC: Cool Cosmos online astronomy


HW: none

CW and TOC: Electromagnetic Sprectrum two column notes


HW: none

CW: hand in geologic time projects, open note geologic time quiz

TOC: completion of geologic time project

4/11 and 4/12

HW: none

CW and TOC: Geologic Time presentations


HW: read text p 590-594. ans q 1-3 on p594

CW: finish power point, start presentations

TOC: geologic time project


HW: none

CW: finish research for Geologic Time project, start power point

TOC: Geologic Time project


HW: none

CW: Spirit Day activities or  Grand Canyon dvd

TOC: Spirit day


HW: none

CW and TOC: research for Geologic Time project and setting up Office 365/Power Point


HW: none

CW: review radiometric dating lab, introduction to Geologic Time project

TOC: Geologic time project intro


HW: complete radiometric dating lab analysis, conclusion, and graph if not completed in class

CW and TOC: radiometric dating lab


HW: none

CW and TOC: Ages of Rocks-2 column notes


HW: none

CW and TOC: Ages of Rocks - 2 column notes


HW: none

CW and TOC: Getting Into the Fossil Record


HW: none

CW: review EQ and Vol test, review Epicenter lab, Getting into the Fossil Record online tutorial

TOC: Getting into the Fossil Record


HW: none

CW and TOC: fossil  baskets


HW: none

CW and TOC: Tsunami movie with questions/answers


HW: none

CW: volcanoes and earth quakes test, vocab definitions: eon, era, period, epoch, geologic time scale, uniformiarianism, relative-age dating, superposition

TOC: Vol and EQ test


HW: Vol and EQ test tomorrow... study notes, graphic organizer, study guide

CW: complete graphic organizer and review study guide

TOC: graphic organizer for vol and eq


HW: see 3/12

CW and TOC: Vol and EQ graphic organizer


HW: EQ and Volcanoes test on Thursday, March 15.  The Study Guide will be completed in class today.

CW and TOC: EQ and Vol study guide

3/8 and 3/9

HW: none

CW and TOC: Locating an EQ epicenter


HW: see 3/6

CW: review Volcano webquest, locating an epi center instructions

TOC: locating an EQ epicenter


HW: read text p528-533 ans q 1,3,4 on p 533 due Friday; volcano webquest due tomorrow

CW and TOC: FSA writing


HW: see 3/2

CW and TOC: Earthquake notes


HW: complete the Volcano webquest, if not finished in class.... due on Wed Mar 7

CW and TOC: volcano webquest


HW: none

CW: 3rd quarter binder check, EQ notes-faults, USGS volcano and EQ maps

TOC: EQ notes


HW: binder check tomorrow. see 2/22.... (9th period students need to finish mapping volcanoes and earth quakes on their maps)

CW: finish mapping volcanoes and EQs, Earthquake notes

TOC: EQ notes


HW: binder check on Thursday

CW and TOC: mapping volcanoes and earthquakes


HW: read text p 500-507. Answer Think Critically 1-3 on p 501 and #3 on p 507

CW: finish Volcano notes, video clips of volcanic eruptions, start mapping volcanoes on map

TOC: Volcanoes and EQ map


HW: none (If you were absent, please print the Volcano webquest from the Documents section of the website and then use the volcano Links to complete the first half of the webquest.  We will finish the second half of the webquest in school next week).

CW and TOC: Volcano webquest in the computer lab. 


HW: Notebook/binder check will take place on March 1.  The binder check will cover Jan 8 - March 1.

CW: Volcanoes 2 column notes


HW: none

CW: Plate tectonics test, vocab definitions

TOC: Plate tectonics test


HW: Plate tectonics test tomorrow, STUDY!

CW: white board review  and return and review Hot Spots Lab

TOC: white board review

2/16: Peramathon


HW: complete plate tectonics graphic organizer, if not finished in class

CW: PT graphic organizer, Yellowstone dvd

TOC: Yellowstone dvd


HW: completed Plate Tectonics study guide (questions 1-22) is due on 2/20. You can find the study guide on my website under Documents.... Plate Tectonics test is on 2/21.  Use your notes, homework, diagrams, study guide, and graphic organizer to prepare for the exam.

CW: complete notes, complete divergent and convergent plate boundary diagrams, plate tectonic animations

TOC: PT diagrams


HW: read text p 480-485. ans q 1-4 on p 485

CW and TOC: Convergent plate boundaries


HW: none

CW and TOC: Convergent Plate Boundaries


HW: none

CW and TOC: PT- Hot Spots Lab


HW: read text p 473-479. ans q. 1-3 on p 479

CW and TOC: PT - Hot Spots Lab


HW: read text pages 468-472. answer q 2,3,4 on p 472

CW and TOC: PT- Seafloor spreading


HW: none

CW and TOC:  PT- Seafloor spreading


HW: none

CW: review Rocks and Minerals test, distribute Peramathon forms, Plate Tectonics- Continental Drift

TOC: PT - Continental Drift


HW: none

CW and TOC: Introduction to Plate tectonics


HW: none

CW and TOC: Rocks and Minerals test


HW: rocks and minerals test tomorrow

CW and TOC: White board review for rocks and minerals test


HW: rocks and minerals test postponed from Wed to Thursday

CW and TOC: review for test - rocks graphic organizer


HW: complete study guide if not completed in class

CW and TOC: complete ROcks and Minerals study guide


HW: see 1/23

CW: review Mystery Mineral Lab, review vocab quiz, complete Metamorphic rock notes and rock cycle

TOC: Rock Cycle


HW: no HW

CW: mineral vocab quiz and Metamorphic rock notes

TOC: Metamorphic rock notes


HW: read text p 134-137 (stop at sedimentary features). ans q 1 and 2  on p 140... also finish weathering lab activity if not completed in class AND... the vocab word definitions if you did not finish in class: foliated, non foliated, sediment

CW and TOC: weathering lab activity


HW: Minerals/Rocks test on Wednesday, Jan 31 (you will be provided with a study guide that you will fill out in class on Monday)

CW and TOC: Rocks-Sedimentary


HW: Minerals vocab quiz on Thursday: mineral, streak, crystal, luster, hardness, fracture, cleavage, conchoidal (shell shaped), maleablility (ability to be hammered flat), ductility (ability to bend or to be drawn out into a wire). For the quiz , you will be given a definition and you will supply to correct term (no word bank).

CW and TOC: Rocks - Igneous


HW: none

CW : Minerals graphic organizer, article on the formation of diamonds

TOC: Minerals graphic organizer


HW: Describe (written) skills used in the MML (Mystery Mineral Lab) that can be used in daily life or in a career choice ex. doctor

CW and TOC: Mystery Mineral Lab


HW: none

CW and TOC: Mystery Mineral Lab


HW: none

CW: special properties of minerals, practice mineral testing skills

TOC: Minerals: special properties


HW: none

CW and TOC: Mineral Properties: review mineral streak testing and hardness testing


HW: none

CW and TOC: Mineral Properties: streak and hardness


HW: read text book p 86-90. Answer Reading Check questions on p 87, p89, and p90

CW: Properties of Minerals- notes, slides, practice ; demostartion of cubic cleavage

TOC: Properties of Minerals-cleavage, fracture and luster


HW: none

CW: Properties of Minerals- definition of mineral, properties of minerals: color, cleavage

TOC: Definition of Mineral


HW: none

CW and TOC: Intro to Minerals


HW: none.... relax and enjoy winter break.... when you come back we will be in MLC 33

CW and TOC: Finding Nemo  ,,,,, ocean currents


HW: none

CW and TOC: finish sea floor map


HW: none

CW and TOC: squid dissection


HW: squid dissection tomorrow.... wear closed toe shoes

CW and TOC: sea floor map completion


HW: none

CW: review midterm, start Mapping the Ocean Floor

TOC: Sea Floor Structure map


HW: none

CW and TOC: sea floor structure


HW: none

CW and TOC: science midterm


HW: study for midterm tomorrow

CW and TOC: white board review for midterm


HW: Completed Oceanography study guide 1-20 due tomorrow

CW and TOC: Mythbusters greenhouse gas experiment (review of IV, DV, contants and control)


HW: no new homework

CW: binder check and garbage patch article review

TOC: binder check/garbage patch article


HW: Oceanography study guide due on 12/12 (questions 1-20) .... plus any questions that you have on semester one material.  We will have a review day on 12/12. Binder check tomorrow.

CW and TOC: Tides


HW: Science midterm on Dec 13 will cover NOS, Atmosphere, Weather, Climate, and Oceanography.... use your completed study guides and your class  notes to prepare for the midterm. The only new study guide is for Oceanography (questions 1-200 .... you can find it under Documents

CW and TOC: Waves


HW: see 12/4 binder check

CW and TOC: Sea turtle project station 10


HW: 2nd quarter binder check on Dec 8 will include your TOC: CW, Vocab...... dates cover from Oct 17 to Dec 7

CW and TOC: Sea turtle project stations 2-9


HW: none

CW and TOC: Sea turtle project: research sea turtles online


HW: none

CW and TOC: Dive and Discover online - ocean currents


HW: print Oceanography WHOI notes

TOC: Ocean currents lab activity


HW: none

CW: return NASA climate quiz, vocab defintions, Ocean currents notes and slides

TOC: Ocean Currents


HW: none

CW and TOC: Introduction to Oceanography - two column notes


HW: none. Happy Thanksgiving!

CW and TOC: cryosphere movie (Extreme Ice)


HW: none

CW and TOC: finish NASA climate presentations, take quiz


HW: none

CW and TOC: Climate - NASA website presentations


HW: none

CW: NASA Climate  website data analysis

TOC: Climate-NASA website

11/14 and 11/15

HW: none

CW and TOC: Climate notes and slides-effects of climate change


HW: none

CW and TOC: Climate notes and slides


HW: none

CW and TOC: finish Weather Journal


HW: none

CW and TOC: severe weather  notes, slides, diagrams


HW: Complete the Analysis and Conclusion for the Weather Journal (we will work on it in class) ... due 11/10

CW : update Weather Journal, severe weather online tutorial

TOC: severe weather online tutorial


HW: none

CW: weather journal update, Lightning Movie with questions

TOC: Lightning movie


HW: none

CW and TOC: Weather test


HW: none

CW: Atmosphere test, Introduction to Lightning packet

TOC: Atmosphere test 


HW: study for Atmosphere test tomorrow/Weather test on Monday

CW and TOC: Review day for Atmosphere/Weather test


HW: The completed  Atmosphere and Weather study guides are due tomorrow

CW: review Condensation Lab, cloud formation sequence, and vocab quiz; Weather fronts

TOC: Meteorology-Weather Fronts


HW: no new HW

CW : High and low pressure systems, air masses

TOC: Meteorology - Air masses


HW: vocab quiz tomorrow: vocab terms: proton, neutron, electron, radiation, conduction, convection PLUS the vocab terms from 10/25

CW: Meteorology notes: Coriolis Effect, Global Winds, Sea and Land Breezes; Weather Journal

TOC: Meteorology notes: Coriolis Effect, Global Winds


HW: Completed Atmosphere and Weather study guides due Nov 2....

CW: Weather Journals, meteorology notes, Coriolis Effect

TOC: Coriolis Effect


HW: Vocab quiz Tuesday Oct 31, Part I Atmosphere test on Nov 3; Part II Weather test Nov 6

CW: Meteorology-air masses; Weather Journals

TOC: Meteorology - air masses


HW: Use the text book Glossary  (unless otherwise noted) to finish defining vocab terms : Coriolis Effect, Dew Point, Saturation p294, Humidity, Relative humidity, Transpiration- to pass through pores or a membrane, condensation

CW and TOC: Guest speaker


HW: none

CW and TOC: Meteorology-Weather Systems


HW: print Weather Journals

CW : Water cycle, Condensation lab

TOC: Condensation lab


HW: none

CW and TOC: NOAA Jetstrem online tutorial and quiz


HW: none

CW: Precipitations and Water cycle, white board questions

TOC: water cycle


HW: none

CW : explaining thermal energy transffer in a lava lamp, and "handboiler". states of matter plasma ball; Properties of the Atmosphere continued

TOC: Properties of the Atmosphere continued


HW: complete/correct states of matter exit questions (if needed)

CW: explaining energy transfers in a Lava Lamp, Properties of the Atmosphere slides and notes

TOC: Properties of the Atmosphere slides and notes


HW: none, enjoy your weekend

CW: sublimation: dryice/freezing bubbles: practice transfer of thermal energy: lava lamp, manipulatives, popcorn makers; review HW

TOC: Practice: radiation, conduction and convection


HW: Read text p 284-288. Answer q 3,5,6 on p288

CW- Energy transfer in the atmosphere notes, slides... convection demo 

TOC: Energy transfer in the atmosphere


HW: none

CW: review NOS test and notebook check quiz; complete Atmosphere Basic notes

TOC: complete Atmosphere Basic notes


HW: none

CW: notebook check and start Atmosphere Basic notes

TOC: start Atmosphere Basic notes


HW: notebook check tomorrow

CW and TOC: Mini Chem day 2


HW: print: atmosphere basics; states of matter; energy transfer; condensation lab; NOAA Jetstream Atmosphere .... due Tuesday as a HW grade...... Notebook check on Oct 10

CW: practice notebook check, review Length Lab, start mini chemistry lesson

TOC: Mini Chemistry


HW: none

CW and TOC: NOS test


HW: study for NOS test tomorrow

CW: Identifying IV, DV, controls, and constants using The Mythbusters DIet Coke and Mentos video

TOC: Mythbusters - Diet Coke and Mentos


HW: study for test... test rescheduled for Oct 5

CW and TOC: whiteboard review for test


HW: completed NOS study guide due tomorrow

CW and TOC: calculating density


HW: complete Rainbow lab questions; reminder that the completed study guide is due Oct 3

CW and TOC: measuring mass


HW: Completed study guide due Oct 3

CW: hand in Length Lab, Rainbow Lab, complete Volume practice

TOC: Rainbow lab


HW: NOS Unit test on Oct 4. It will include everything that we covered in class. Topics include: Scientific Thinking skills, Scientific Method (includes IV, DV, controls and contstants, graphing), unit conversion (King Henry and Dimensional Analysis), measuring length, volume, and mass accurately and precisely, scientific notation

CW and TOC: Rowing championship


HW: Complete the Measuring Length handout.... Measure lines H-L accurately and precisely in centimeters

CW and TOC: Measuring Volume


HW: print the following documents from the Documents section of the website.  The documents are due on Wednesday. NOS: Rainbow lab, Mass lab, mass, volume, and density notes, graphic organizer, study guide

CW and TOC: Measuring length lab activity


HW: none

CW and TOC: practice DI



CW: Health screening; practice DI

TOC: health screening


HW: none

CW: practice dimensional analysis (DI)  Conversion Challenge worksheet problems 6-15... all work shown

TOC: Practice dimensional analysis


HW: vocab quiz tomorrow.... see 9/18 **** Also International Coastal Cleanup this Saturday at Turtle Beach from 8-10 am.  Meet at the first entry on the north side of the parking lot.  First 20 students to arrive receive a free T shirt :)

CW and TOC: Dimensional Analysis - day 1


HW: Vocab quiz has been rescheduled to Wednesday, Sept 20 (indepenedent variable, dependent variable, control, constants(p12), scientific theory, scientific law, scientific notation, hypothesis, SI (p13), scientific method)

CW: review Pendulum lab, practice King Henry unit conversion

TOC: King Henry unit conversion practice


CW: complete the Pendulum lab, fluff and jelly sandwich demonstration (the importance of communicating specifically and with details)


HW: none

CW: review Scientific Method quiz, start SM measurements

TOC: SM measurements day 1


HW: none

CW and TOC: complete Pendulum Lab


HW: none

CW: Scientific Method quiz, vocab word definitions

TOC: Scientific Method quiz


HW: quiz tomorrow.... see HW from 8/24

CW: review yesterday's HW, review binder organization, graph with errors, gather data for Pendulum lab

TOC: Pendulum lab - gather data


HW: Complete questions 6-8 Part II on the Practice Graphing and Identifying IV and DV

CW: finish Ball Bounce lab, review binder organization

TOC: Ball Bounce lab day 2


HW: Complete questions 3-5 Part II on the Practice Graphing and Identifying IV and DV sheet

CW: finish practice graph and start Ball Bounce Lab

TOC: Ball Bounce Lab


HW: Quiz on Thursday, August 31.  Will include Scientific Thinking Skills, Scientific Method (steops, identifying independent and dependent variables, controls, and constants), graphing.

CW: Graphing Rules, practice graphing

TOC: Graphing Rules