Digital Citizenship - Acceptable Technology Use Policy Agreement

Acceptable Technology Use Policy Agreement 

     Students who utilize this website are expected to read and sign the following agreement concerning the use of technology before securing access to this website. Their parent/guardian is also expected to sign this agreement, and both student and parent will date this agreement so they will understand the rules utilizing this website and the technology associated with it. Please make sure to read the other webpages of this website before signing this agreement so that all parties will know what this agreement entails.

" I, ___________ (Student name) and ___________ (Name or parent/guardian)  have read all of the rules concerning the acceptable use of this website and the technology associated with it. I will fully abide by all of the rules concerning digital etiquette, personal safety, copyright, plagiarism, and fair use, along with digital access and the use of digital technology and this website. I will also consult with the instructor or administrators whould any questions arise concerning the use of this website and the technology associated with it. Finally, I realize that any violation of these rules, especially if committed with full knowledge that such behavior constitutes violation of rules, will result in curtailment, suspension, or termination of website access and privileges."


____________________                                                                ____________________

Signature of Student                                                        Signature or Parent/Guardian


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Date                                                                                 Date