Course Information

Our classroom is a fun, engaging classroom where students are safe to express their knowledge of Social Studies.  Each assignment we have is designed to allow students to demonstrate their knowledge through multiple learning styles.  As a result, students will be graded based on their performance in several areas:

  1. 10% - Participation
  2. 20% - Homework
  3. 20% - Classwork
  4. 25% - Projects (creative writing assignments, reflections, essays, etc.)
  5. 25% - Assessments (presentations, debates, quizzes, tests, etc.)

The seventh grade curriculum focuses predominantly on American History from the history of Native Americans through the Civil War.  In eighth grade they will complete their study of American History which covers the period after the Civil War and continues past World War II.  To view specific curriculum topics and objectives, you may visit the New York State Social Studies Core Curriculum.