Classroom Expectations

Classroom Expectations

As we begin the school year it is important that we realize that we are all members of the same community.  We all need to accomplish the same goals and it is important that we work together to achieve them.  I look forward to the opportunity of being your teacher and striving for the same success that I know you all can achieve.  This sheet is not only meant to give you the expectations I have of you as students, but also as way to ensure that I am meeting my expectations as a teacher for you.  Hold on to this sheet in your binder so that you can refer back to it as we through the school year.


Student Expectations:

  1. Come to class each day on time expecting to walk away with something you did not know before.
  2. Be prepared to work by having all materials with you.  This includes your textbook, binder, notebook, and a pen or pencil.  Please do not ask to go to your locker during class, you are expected to come prepared.
  3. Treat each other and me with respect at all times.
  4. You may sit in any seat you choose.  However, if this becomes a distraction to the class I reserve the right to change the seating arrangement.
  5. Homework Policy:  When homework is assigned I expect that it will completed and submitted on time.  Only if you have an excused absence will you be allowed to turn in late assignments after the due date without any penalty.  Also, it is your responsibility to ask if you missed any late work that needs to be completed.  If you do not turn in your assignment on time the following late penalties will apply:

Submitted                   Maximum grade

On time                       100

One day late                90

Two days late              80

Three days late            70


  1. Copying a friend’s work or downloading a paper and submitting it as your own is plagiarism and is a violation of the school’s Code of Conduct.
  2. When you are absent it is your responsibility to see me as soon as possible to discuss what you need to make up.  If you are going to be absent for an extended period of time you need to make sure you have all the assignments before you leave.
  3. You may feel free to come into my room after school for extra help when I am available.  Please talk with me before hand so I can expect you.  It is never a practice of mine to be alone with a student in classroom.  If nobody else has asked to come see me after school, we can arrange a meeting in a more appropriate setting such as the school’s library.


Teacher Expectations:

  1. You have a right to learn.  That means you can expect my classroom to be a safe place where you will not be ridiculed or laughed at.  I will ensure you have a classroom atmosphere that is both safe and fun.  If another student violates your right to learn through ridicule, sexual harassment, vulgar language, or verbal abuse you need to let me know because this will not be tolerated in my classroom.
  2. You can expect me to be here on time and for the duration of school day.  Also, it is my responsibility to be prepared for class and offer you a variety of activities and opportunities to learn.
  3. If you are experiencing problem in or outside of school which affects your learning, fell free to stop by and see me.  I will promise to keep your information confidential unless it endangers your physical or emotional well-being.
  4. No teacher ever enjoys failing a student.  I will do everything within my power to ensure that you perform to the maximum of your ability.  All that I ask is that you try your hardest so that we can achieve success together.


                               We are all a piece of the puzzle...