This weeks homework:

Monday 10/24 - Rights of English Citizens Worksheet

Tuesday 10/25 - Effects of the French and Indian War Composition

Wednesday 10/26 - Proclamation of 1763 Activity Reflection

Thursday 10/27 - British Taxation Position Writing

Friday 10/28 - (None assigned)


Thinking Ahead...

Wednesday 11/2 - Boston Massacre Position Paper Due

***For this assignment, students will base their response from their critical thought sheet of the Unsolved Mysteries DVD of the Boston Massacre.  This sheet challenges traditional views of the Boston Massacre by questioning which side actually caused the deadly events of that day.  Students will then form a newspaper article to a local Boston newspaper that details the 'true' events of what happened that night.

Friday 11/11 - Unit Test

***The test will cover topics beginning from the rights of English Citizens up until the beginning of the war at Lexington and Concord.  The major themes of the unit include:  taxation without representation, causes of the revolution, and patriots vs. loyalists.