About Mr. Bleich

I first began my undergraduate studies at SUNY Brockport.  My years there allowed me to gain a passion and proficiency in History and Education.  In 2007, I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in History and Adolescent Social Studies.  I then pursued a teaching position in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Despite the weather, I decided to return back home to Syracuse to complete my Master's degree.  While I completed my Master's degree in Special Education (and froze in the snow), I substituted at various schools in the area.  Now, after finishing my degree I accepted a position at our school where I hope to establish myself for years to come!

In my classroom, I believe we must first establish a safe, accepting, responsible, and respectful environment in order to facilitate learning.  Only with such a foundation can each and every student feel comfortable to express their ideas.  It is that basis that allows students to expand upon their abilities using problem solving and higher-order thinking skills.  Additionally, I seek to maintain a professional and open-minded rapport with my students that is mindful of their individual needs.  Moreover, it is my belief that every child has their own unique learning style that must be accommodated.  Therefore, I place a strong emphasis on differentiated instruction that creates multiple ways for students to understand new concepts. With these ideas in place, I believe that we can have a safe, successful, and productive school year together!