Hey guys! This is my blog:

I will keep you posted with important links, up coming events, and etc! 

Real Quick:

The online text book requires an account, and I am going to soon make an account that eveyone can use

Password: password

Username: bgms7

Email me is you need the account info a head of time. You may also make an account yourself if you want, and I think you can log in as a guest! :)

Upcoming events:

***Wednesday Math Quiz


I Lately have been sending out the school supply updates.... BUT, now I have update the site with all the things you need.

*****We finnally have an account for the online text book!! 

If this page is not working, go to this link :)


I have not yet figured out how to post word document (Worksheets) on this website. But my email allows me to attatch files. So...

If you need a worksheet because the website didn't have it on it, then email me and I can give it to you.