Week of: 11-29

I put this all on so you can be updated with HW if you were absent.

** Please note students, that if you were absent your required activities are different from the kids that were in class

** Also, I make this page for absent students more hten kids that were in class, so this will be different from what you hear in class.

Most days you should get you Homework done because I give you enough time at the end of class to do your homework. 


Monday- Sorry I have not updated this website for a while the computers where going through a virus so they didn't alow us on any sites that we had used for the month & etc

**Study for map quiz Wednesday

Africa video 

Tuesday- **Study for map quiz- Wednesday

Africa Video (Continued) 



TGI Friday- 







The reason why I post these weekly on here is because If you were absent, I recomend this page to you, and it will have all of the things you will need to fill into your SS Journals, but I do not post WS on here, because I don't want people going ahead and doing them, I usually update this site on Thursday & Saturday, if I have not posted all week long. This site will help you learn this year, so remember it.