Coursework & Standards


          5th Grade Curriculum

5th grade is an important school year, just like other school years. This is the last year in elementary school and students learn and refine their skills in this grade. A lot of the time they will be working either collaboratively with their peers or independently. Our curriculum is Board certified by the New York Board of Education. Students will master many skills during this school year. Our classroom is structured with chairs, desks, tables, computers, student lockers, bookshelves, board, and teacher's desk. I have arranged student seating in a way that is easy for the students and teachers to move freely around the classroom. We use computers and IPads in the classroom for particular assignments. 


Reading and Writing Curriculum: 

The ELA curriculum is based on the common core standards in teaching students how to read complex texts, passages, and poetry. Students will be expected to write 5 paragraph essays and quote using evidence from the reading. The teacher will model and show students how to cite evidence and use proper quotation marks. In addition, students will also learn grammatical rules. We have an excellent school library which students can use anytime they need. They are allowed to borrow books from the library and return on time. Students will learn to write a Narrative essay, Opinion writing, Poems, letter writing, and Persuasive essays. I will give many examples in class for students to learn and follow. I will model each type of writing in class and give them examples to write. this will motivate them to write their own essays. Writing is a critical part of learning, as students are going in the real world writing is a skill they will master and use daily. 


Math Curriculum:

Our Math curriculum is based on the Common Core Standards. Our focus is going to be on adding and subtracting fractions, multiplying and dividing unit fractions, developing fluency with whole numbers and decimal operations, understanding place value (decimals and whole numbers), and geometry. Students will learn and apply the skills to their to word problems and solve them. I will model each strategy in class and explain to the class how to apply their understanding in math. Students will also learn how to measure the volume of irregular shapes. I will show students multiple Math strategies and they can use the one they are comfortable with as long as it is aligned with Common Core Standards. Learning Math is very important in life, I will emphasize this in class. Math skills help students later in life too. They will master the skills of approaching problems and solving them. Math teaches students to think in a specific way. 


Science Curriculum:

Our Science curriculum is based on exploration, inventions, investigation, and experiments. Students will learn to compare and contrast things, investigate and explore motion and energy, examine human anatomy and physiology, earth science, climate and weather change. They will further apply their learning to the real world around them. With hands-on activities and reading, students will students will get motivated by the world of science.  We will take many class trip throughout the school year to museums and other University labs to learn diverse topics and skills. Students will also go for nature walks when the weather permits. They will use their five senses to observe and take notes. Science will instill critical thinking skills in students.  


Mr. Booker: 

Science Instructor


Instructional Tool:


Thank you for enrolling at Global Preparatory Academy! The fifth grade Science curriculum will use common core to focus on the following four strands:


  • Organization of Living Things

  • Heredity & Evolution

  • Forces & Motion

  • Seasons and the Solar System


Mr. Booker: 

Language Arts & Reading Instructor


Instructional Tool: Journeys



We’re so glad you decided to become a part of the ACCEL family!! The fifth grade Reading curriculum will consist of the following:


  • Novel Study

  • Making Connections in Reading

  • Genres (Fiction, Non-Fiction etc.)

  • Poetry Study

  • The Writing Process


Mr. Booker: 

Social Studies Instructor


Instructional Tool:


We appreciate you putting you faith in the fifth grade team!!! The fifth grade Social Studies curriculum is Integrated American History. We will explore the world, in the following common core topics:


  • Our Government

  • Colonization & Settlement 

  • The American Revolution

  • Colonial America


Mr. Booker

Math Instructor


Instructional Tool: Eureka Math


Fifth Grade math will be a rigorous experience!! Your child will be busy mastering computation skills in math. The fifth grade Math curriculum will consist of the following:


  • Number and Operations

  • Geometry

  • Data & Measurement

  • Algebraic Thinking


"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb

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