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    I grew up in a suburb of Chicago called St. Charles, IL.  I lived in the same house all my life until I moved to

DeKalb, IL to attend college at Northern Illinois University.  I now live in Frazeysburg, OH with my wonderful

wife, Beth.   She is a graduate of Tri-Valley and she now teaches 3rd grade at Adamsville Elementary.  I am also the 8th grade girls'

volleyball coach at the middle school.  


My Wife


       My wife, Beth, and I got married on December 22, 2007.  We love to travel when we can, be active, and  enjoy all of what life has to offer us!

Our Dogs








We have three dachshunds, Chloe, Babbs, and Lucy.


     Chloe is black and tan and she loves to be up high and always gets excited to have company. She can get a little jealous when we give the other dogs attention, and she loves to run in our yard. We got her from the shelter in Zanesville.







     Babbs is a long-haired brown dachshund. He loves to play ball and will bark until you play with him.  He also can get grouchy if you move him when he’s tired. We got him from a family friend when they were going to take him to the shelter.







     Lucy is also black and tan, but has a white splotch on her chest as well.  She is a bit taller because she is mixed with a terrier.  Lucy loves everyone and craves attention from anyone!  Lucy is a runner at heart and always wants to chase a toy.  She comes from the Zanesville shelter just like her sister.


My favorites

Subject: Math (could you guess?)

Color: Green

Food: Whatever is in front of me!  I love food, especially anything made with cheese, and definitely a big juicy steak!

Animal: Dogs are my favorite pets, but white tigers are my favorite wild animals.

Sport:  Volleyball and Basketball (but really I just love to run around and play!)

Book:  The Indian in the Cupboard

Movie: Ice Age (but really, I just love a good laugh!)


I am 6' 6" and wear a size 14 shoe. 

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