Your First Grader

Your First Grader

Where They Are

The average six-year-old is extremely egocentric and wants to be the center of attention. She:

  • ·  Wants to be the "best" and "first."

  • ·  Has boundless energy.

  • ·  May be oppositional, silly, brash, and critical.

  • ·  Cries easily; shows a variety of tension-releasing behavior.

  • ·  Is attached to the teacher.

  • ·  Has difficulty being flexible.

  • ·  Often considers fantasy real.

Where They're Going

At six years old, your child is learning to understand himself. You can help by encouraging him as he:

  • ·  Develops a positive, realistic self-concept.

  • ·  Learns to respect himself.

  • ·  Begins to understand his own uniqueness.

  • ·  Gains awareness of his feelings.

  • ·  Learns to express feelings.

  • ·  Learns how to participate in groups.

  • ·  Begins to learn from his mistakes.

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