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Brayton Room 317 Grade 4

Welcome to our fourth grade class!!  We have many exciting things happening this year!  This website will give you up to date information on upcoming events, links to assignments and homework.  You can email me at:

Special Schedule:

Monday-Library     Tuesday-Technology    Wednesday-Art   (PE every Other Wed)

Thursday-Physical Education     Friday-Music

 September Birthdays!

Sean Grupp 9/12/2012

Alex Lussier 9/23/2012

Homework:  Students have homework every evening.  The purpose of homework is for students to practice important things that they are learning in school.  Education does not just take place in the classroom~education starts at home.

Reading~Students are to read for about 20 minutes each evening.  Students set a nightly reading goal in their planner.  The purpose of setting a goal is for students to move away from "reading to be done".  Students become more invested in their reading when they set and meet personal goals.  Over the weekend students should be reading for a total of about 60 minutes.  This can be done all in one session, or broken up into 20 or 30 minute sessions throughout the weekend.  Please sign the planner each day to show that your child has read and met their goal.

Spelling:  Each week students will have a set of spelling words to practice.  They also have a list of 35 Free Choice activities in their binder.  It is the student's responsibility to study their words each night.  If they score below a 70% on their weekly spelling test then I will assign them specific spelling homework that they need to hand in each morning.

Math-Students will receive math homework when it is appropriate.  We spend a lot of time learning new things in class.  When students have reached the "independent practice stage" then they will get an assignment to practice at home.  Students should use REFLEX MATH 2-3 times per week for about 10 minutes per session.  They will be learning very difficult concepts this year and knowing math facts with automaticity will help them be more successful.

Science~Students will receive a weekly packet called "Daily Science".  This packet reinforces the learning that is taking place during science class.  The students will read a non-fiction passage each evening and then apply the information to the activity that follows (ie-answer questions, fill in vocabulary words, sequence events in order, fill in a table, label a picture...etc)

Friday Folder~Students will receive a folder every Friday.  This folder contains work completed in school and graded assessments.  The cover of the folder is a weekly progress report on current classroom performance.  It is the student's responsibility to show you their work and have you sign their folder.  If any work is stamped "sign and return", please review the assignment with your child, sign it and return it to school Monday.