Business Technology - Curriculum Competencies - = GO to the "Music Promo login" (located on the right-hand side down about halfway of the page.)
The code for our school is: Username= FREDERICK, Password = 6n2q32 (which can be copied/pasted)

Article Critique Guidelines

F 3/15

Senior Video links to ideas - waking 5:00 min-up

Reverse Video - - pennies

Senior Video - 8:47 min - interviews, day in life -

Reverse - 3 min - Sr class -

Senior Video - 12 min - show first part -

Collect Video - from gym - Senior banners, 13OSS sign, add "swag"?

  3rd Quarter
M, 1/7 filing software
T, 1/8 filing software
W, 1/9 filing software
R, 1/10 SUB - filing software
F, 1/11 filing software
M, 1/14  filing software - Ex 1-5 Test
T, 1/15 filing software - Ex 1-10 Test
W, 1/16

SUB - Finish filing unit software

Article Critique on

R, 1/17

filing software - Ex 1-12 Test

finish critique if needed.

Discuss Records Management -  Use the textbook (found in the drawer of the side cabinet) to answer the 'Reviewing the Topic" questions at the end of the chapter of Records Management" on page 470.  Questions in bold, answers in italics.

THEN add #11.  The textvook you are working from is quite outdated.  Write a paragraph explaining what types of storage media and ways of storing documents has developed since this publication and explain how they are helpful, user-friendly, easy to use, etc.

F, 1/18 Geographical
T, 1/29

Read pages 574 – 608 from The Office text (gold/yellow book).  Complete Reviewing the Topic on page 609.  Type questions in bold and answers in italics.

3/5/13 Senior Video Idea - Plays backwards

Get a Harlem Shake On, Too! Second example



  2nd Quarter
M, 10/22

 Go to
 to review all of the 2-letter state abbreviations.  Be sure to use ALL CAPS when typing the answer.

Do a "print screen" (by pressing the "prtSc/SysRq" button above your backspace key) and Paste the image into a Word document. Save as STATE ABBREV GAME. Include a footer.

Try the game again, trying to get all of the abbrev correct and in the fastest time in the class. Print your fastest, most accurate score. Keep practicing until 11:45. Winner receives a prize.

Find your street abbreviation handout.  Study those as well. We narrowed down the huge list into a common required list.

Then go to and study with the LEARN mode.  Then switch to the TEST mode and just complete the top section, NOT the multiple choice.  Choose the SCATTER and SPACERACE to study.  There may be items on this quizlet that are not on our required list, but try them anyway.

2nd site -

T, 10/23

3-PART STORY - Beginning, Middle & End - with Camera Stills - This is the beginning of video production.
 Quiz yourself on the street abbreviations

Practice the state abbreviations until you get 100%.  Do a printscreen, paste into Word, add a footer with today's date and print to turn in.

W, 10/24


Quiz yourself on 2-letter state abbrev at for your test on Thursday during the 20 min we are in class.

Quiz yourself on the street abbrev at
 for a test on Monday

SSR - There are magazines on the top of the back filing cabinet by the sign-out sheet.

R, 10/25

2-letter state abbreviation test

20-min of class

F, 10/26 NO SCHOOL
M, 10/29


VIDEO - Go to to see a PSA example. or google PSA samples

 Break into assigned groups - brainstorm a storyline about Distractions and Driving

T, 10/30

Study street addresses first 5 min of class

street address test

VIDEO INFO - Put your storyline into a "Tag Line" like this:

"My story is a (GENRE) story about (CHARACTER/HERO) that wants to (ACTION) so they can (RESULT)."   i.e. "My story is an action movie about a high school football team that wants to win so they can go to the state playoffs."  You may edit the wording as needed but just be sure to fill in the Genre, Character, Action and Result.

regroup - finish ideas on video storyline - decide who (may be more than one person) will present the "pitch" and "tag line" to the class.

W, 10/31

VIDEO INFO - Rule of 3rds -

VIDEO INFO - Different Types of Shots -

Panning -

Tilt Shots -


UGH.  TEchnology is not working WITH us.  It's working AGAINST us.  We have to do an Article Review today because NOTHING is working correctly.  BUT, we CAN learn about ChromaKey.  Go to to read the article and complete a summary using the Article Critique on the main page.

Then. . . go to and search an article that gives hints/tips in recording and/or making video.  Copy/paste the information into Word, including the photos.  Format the margins to "narrow", be sure to change the wrapping on the graphics so that text flows around each, include the link in a footer, remove any "junk" from the article.  Print and turn in.

R, 11/8

Video - Your goal today and tomorrow is to create a short video segment using some video taken a few days ago.  Unfortunately, the "tape" camcorder clips cannot be downloaded at this time, but we have the "HD" camcorder clips.  

BEFORE BEGINNING - Create two folders in your external drive (within your named folder) "A-Practice Video" and "Sound Files"

1-Save video files "A-ScratchVideoFiles-Gym" from flash drive to your external drive.

2-Use the Movie Maker Live tutorial handout as a guide to learning basic video editing with the software.  There may be a few differences between the handout and your software but be flexible and "play" around with it to learn the basics.

3-When you are ready for sound, go to the top of this page and follow directions to access the Royalty Free Music site and download sounds to your external drive. Insert the sound files.

M, 11/12 NO SCHOOL
W 11/14 VIDEO
R 11/15 Finish video
M 12/17

Flier for Seniors

-if they want to turn in photos for their personal slide they can bring in a max of 6 to put on it.  Otherwise, their yearbook senior photo will be used.

-they can create their own slide if they like -- just let us know

-photos will be returned to them

-can send electronically to

-Bring in by:



FBLA National Website -

FBLA Missouri Website -

Our classroom FBLA study links -

FBLA Format Guide - Go here to check the format of documents as well as copyright guidelines -


Friday, 8/24 -

GO to

to study flash cards for the two-letter state abbreviations

Register with your school email address
confirm by checking email and clicking the link to get it
Search "FlashcardDB" with "two letter state" Choose the
first one that has 50 states in it.

create a flashcard set for Street Abbreviations
create flashcards for each state
quiz yourself

Monday, 8/27 -


login to, search for the "two letter state" abbreviations, add it to favorites.
Tues make Street Abbreviation Flash Cards
Wed, 8/29

Finish creating/printing street abbrev cards

Obtain the address of a fellow classmate write a letter containing the following:

  • One or two paragraphs (min 5 sentences each) describing your summer
  • One paragraph describing how school has gone so far for you
  • One paragraph describing what you are looking forward to for the rest of this semester and/or what you expect to happen in the near future.
  • EXTRAS:  You do not have to use the Certified Mail notation in the letter, go ahead and use the same formatted letter shown on the handout although it is different than what you were taught in Computer Apps.
  • Be sure to change line spacing to 1.0 and Remove Space After Paragraph

Using the handout on envelopes, add an envelope to the document. Once the address is automatically added to the envelope note that you need to PUT ENVELOPE ADDRESSES IN UPPERCASE, so simply select the address and use the Change Case feature in Word to change it to uppercase, then remove the punctuation.  When you print, the printer will ask for you to Load Com10 into the manual tray, so obtain a piece of paper to put in that tray as your envelope. 

Thr, 8/30

Finish your letters and envelopes from yesterday.

Create a cover for your binder. Include a graphic or design of some sort of your choose (always being school appropriate) and "Multimedia Technology" somewhere on the front.  You may choose to make a binding background for your binder as well -- to go behind your name on the binding.

Tues, Sept 4


Using the Job Hunting Handbook to assist you, create your own resume. If you have one in your files already, then edit and update any experience and/or activities you have participated in since you've last updated it. You may want to "fancy it up a bit" by using templates in Word. (Go to File, New, then look for the templates.  Beware that some templates have more info than you will need so just delete them and add info that is relevant to you.)


Wed, Sept 5

Be sure to have three references of indiviuals who:

1-have known you for at least a year

2-are over 18

3-are not a close relative

Put these on a separate document saved as REFERENCES

Include your name at the top middle, centered in ALL CAPS

Directly below it type "References"

Then list each name, title (their job title), address, telephone and email.  If you don't have the information, try to Google it and/or obtain the information over night to have tomorrow to fill in.


Then, Using pages 24 - 27 and/or the internet to draft a cover letter for your resume.  Address it to:

Mrs. Brenda Jenkins
Business/Marketing Educator
Fredericktown High School
805 E Hwy 72
Fredericktown, MO  63645

You will be applying for a job as a cashier for a local convenience store in which the duties include: accepting pay from customers, maintaining stock in the store, prepping and cleaning the coffee and soda machines, attending to the gas pumps, etc.  So direct your interest and skills accordingly.

Tuesday, Oct 9

You are to write one of each of the following letters:

  • Job Acceptance Letter
  • Job Rejection/Declining Letter (this is YOU declining a job offer, NOT you being declined a job)
  • Job Resignation Letter


  1. Research the hints/tips/points of WHAT to include as well as WHAT NOT to include.  Record these notes along with the website(s)/reference(s) for each.  Be sure to label the three separate parts.
  2. Using your letterhead created for your cover letter, write the three letters IN YOUR OWN WORDS (not plagiarizing from the Internet) according to your interview from yesterday.
    1. Direct the letters to the person who interviewed you and use the school address.
    2. Be direct: Use "Thank you" rather than "I would like to thank you" sorts of phrasing.
    4. Sign each of the letters.
    5. Staple all three together and submit in order.
Wednesday 10/10 & Friday 10-12-12

Finish Acceptance, Declining, Resignation Letters


Begin Reading these two articles

Workplace Ethics: The High Cost of Compromise

Are Ethics in the Workplace Disappearing?

Then complete an article critique (check the link at the top of this page for the Article Critique Guidelines) . Be sure to include information from both articles in your critique.



1st 1/2 of 1st QTR

Friday, Aug 19 Take the personality test and obtain your four-letter personality type.  Then search the net for a description of that type.  Copy/paste the information into Word. Include a footer with your NAME, HOUR, FILENAME (Personality Type).  Then use Word's highlighter feature to highlight the major points of your personality type. Save the document. Print on the color printer (HP 3800) and turn it into the tray.  CAREERS
M, Aug 22

Complete the personality profile summary. 

Research and print a page about the personality type. Include your name on the

Begin your career search according to the following:

Business Technology
Career Preparation Unit

PART 1: Complete Career Interest Surveys to Determine Career Options
Assignment: Visit each of the following sites. Do each part an indicated below. (Required Items for Part 1: Printout of required copy/paste items from the surveys and resume information you created - include headings to identify parts; list of five careers that fit in your interests)

  • MAPP: Understand your true motivations (copy and paste the paragraph about you from each section; must create a login.  Use your school email.  You may begin receiving junk email from the sites, but we will learn about unsubscribing and managing files.)
  • LiveCareer: Take this to find out the areas of employment you would be most interested in. (copy and paste the "workplace fit graph" and the description of the areas you scored "high" in).  When you’re required to enter an address, use the school’s address.  Also, use your school email.  As you enter information, check for any opportunities to “skip this” page of requested (not required) information.

PART 2: Online Job Search
Assignment: Using the internet as a resource, locate jobs in your identified career area. If you plan to attend college after high school, then look for a job that you could carry during school for which you are currently qualified. Be sure that the job is one that, upon graduation, you will be qualified for. Copy and paste at least four jobs in this general geographic area (Kansas City, Columbia, St. Louis, or Southeast Missouri) and one job elsewhere. Try to find jobs that give lots of information on the job (requirements, hours, pay rate, etc.). The sites below may be helpful in your search. (Required Items for Part 2: Detailed classified ads for four possible jobs)

  • Daily Journal (Park Hills)

T, Aug 23

Copy Machine Tutorial

Continue working on Part 1 above.

W, Aug 24, Continue working on Parts 1 and 2 above.  
Th, Aug 25

PART 3: Application Process
Assignment: Obtain an employment application online. Complete one application (typed on the computer) for your portfolio. (Required Items for Part 3: Employment application)

PART 4: Cover Letter
Assignment: Read through the sources listed below and take notes about writing effective cover letters. Then, write two different cover letters (pick two of the jobs you selected in Part 2). If any of the companies have internet web pages, refer to them for more information about the position. (Required Items for Part 4: Notes; 2 Cover Letters)

  • Job Search Correspondence: The Cover Letter. Explains what a cover letter is, how it is used, and tips for writing cover letters. Your instructor will have some classroom resources for you to use as well as you can search the Internet for examples.  Be sure to search for high school resumes so that you can better focus your own content.
  • Best Cover Letters (Examples of letters)
F, Aug 26 Continue working on Parts 3 and 4 above.  
M, Aug 29

Organize Career Unit into parts.  Submit for grading.

FBLA Scavenger Hunt - Use  to locate the answers to the scavenger hunt worksheet. Hint: Use the key words in the question to match with the corresponding page links. If in doubt, use the "About" link for basic information.

T, Aug 30

Finish the FBLA Scavenger Hunt handout.  Go over in class.

Officer nominations.

W, Aug 31

FBLA Officer responsibilities. 

Officer nominations.

Catch up on back work.


R, Sept 1

CAREER - Job Interviewing (Required: comprehensive list of illegal interview questions; 20 teen job interview questions with answers;) Turn all in together as Part 5 of the Career Unit.

You have rights as a potential employee when you interview. Research online and compile a comprehensive list of illegal pre-employment questions and copy/paste them into a Word document. As always, include a footer with your name, hour and filename (illegal interview questions).

You will want to be prepared for a job interview so research online and compile a list of the top 20 teen job interview questions.  Copy/paste them into Word.  Bold the questions then italicize your response to each of them. (File: Interview Questions.)

NOTE: FBLA officer elections will be postponed so that we can fill the slate of officers.

F, Sept 2 NO SCHOOL  
M, Sept 5 NO SCHOOL  
T, Sept 6

FBLA Officer Elections. FBLA - Conduct first meeting of the year. Brainstorm ideas for Homecoming shopping cart design.

W, Sept 7

Finish the Job Interview questions.

In class, interview one another using the questions from the lists.

R, Sept 8

CAREER UNIT - Pt 6  (Use book examples from the classroom or online resources to assist you. Required:  follow-up letter; acceptance letter; declining letter)

Compose a follow-up (thank you) letter to the person who interviewed you. Thank them for the interview, state something you learned about the job or company, restate your qualifications, restate your continued interest in the position, provide your contact information. 

Compose letters accepting and declining a job offer. Locate resources to assist you in the wording.

F, Sept 9

SUB - Videos - "Soft Skills in the Workplace" and "Dress and Groom for the Workplace". Take notes (using appropriate topic headings and supporting points) on each video and turn in the notes

M, Sep 12

Check you bin for returned work.  Check for any redo work.  I've returned your follow-up letters so that you can combine them with your acceptance and denial letters to turn in together as one homework Career project-Pt 6. Turn in both your draft and your edited copy of the follow-up letter.

FBLA - FBLA sets annual goals by developing a Program of Work which is essentially a calendar of activities.  We will look at a past calendar and develop activities and goals.  

FBLA - finalize "float" idea so that we can locate/gather materials and supplies.

Establish Program of Work (calendar of activities) for 2011-2012. Plan for first meeting and activity.

FUNDRAISER IDEAS USED IN THE PAST - meat sticks  0 suckers - chocolate, sour, sweet and chip items to resell

OUR GOAL IS TO EACH EARN A PROFIT to cover dues ($12), t-shirts (appx $16), districts registration (your portion of $70), extra for State registration (TBD), extra for Nationals (TBD), for every $3 profit you earn $2 and $1 goes to the club.  

T, Sep 13 Continue plans from Monday  
W, Sep 14

Finish plans from Monday

Finalize fundraiser products, fundraiser budget, float materials list, Program of Work, first meeting and activity. 

Selling: OzarkDelight suckers; Charms BlowPop-$.75 or 2/$1; Jack Links original meat sticks; Snickers, Hershey's, Reese's, Skittles

OzarkDelight - Raspberry Lemonade, Watermelon, Sour Pink Lemonade, Strawberry Cheesecake, Tropical Splash, Cherry cheesecake, Maui Mango, wild cherry, sour green apple

special selling locations-McDonald's on Tuesday evening, Soccer games-M & Sa

1st Mtg - Sep 29 - 1 slice pizza free if have signed up ahead, handout fundraiser items

Float - Trojan horse - get paper mache recipe items (flour/water), brown paper, newspapers, yard (purple/gold), cart

R, Sep 15

Call Optimist for information about concessions for games. -- if there are any times they don't have their own concessions that we could possibly provide some during our two weeks of fundraising.

Call McDonald's for okay on fundraiser sales during our two weeks of fundraising -- if Tuesday's are the best days -- or another day(s)/

Order OzarkDelight, Jack Links and/or CountryMeats

Advertising - make flyer of what is being sold, each person use Excel to compute item, cost, sales, profit margin (Jack Links, OzarkDelight, WalMart candy)

go to WM-candy items
F, Sep 16

Finish financial information for each product line.

Create visual advertisements.

Determine approach to advertising - prep for phone call if decided to explore that marketing target

M, Sep 19

HOMECOMING FLOAT: Find out when shopping carts will arrive. Locate extra newspapers for paper mache. Plyers, gloves needed for working with wire forms.

Obtain a MS Office Workbook. Put your name in the front of the book with the "11-12" as the current year.  Apply what you've learned so far about Excel by beginning on Page 225 Critical Thinking.  Following the directions to create the Illustration A on page 226.  You may work together with a partner or individually.  Preview the document making sure it fits on one page.  Go to Insert, Footer and enter your name. Close the header. Save as the document name given in the text. Print on one page.

T, Sep 20 EXCEL IT! Handouts for Activity 5 & 8 FBLA CLUB MEMBERS and FBLA CLUB MEMBERS 2.  Print with your name, hour and filename included in a footer.  
W, Sep 21

Check your email for an attached document to open and complete in Excel.  Be sure to turn in two printouts as stated on the document. 

Brandon - assist with the Jack Links order. 

We are in need of:

*  wire cutters and gloves

* a decision as to what medium to use for the paper mache -- glue or flour -- and a recipe and supplies list


R, Sep 22 EXCEL IT! Handouts for Activity 11 & 12.  
F, Sep 23 Homecoming Cart Ideas  
M 10/8

Interview One Another according to the rubric/scoring guide

Complete a Self-Assessment

T 10/9    
W 10/10    
R 10/11    
F 10/12 SUB