Welcome Welcome Welcome!!!

FINALLY!!! You and your fellow classmates have been working hard to learn about many subject areas in your journey from Kindergarten all the way to the final semester of this – your Senior year. Invariably, you have all asked yourself why you had to take this class or that class, etc.. because 'I'll never use it!" Well, the bad news is you were wrong. The good news is that the classes are almost over and now you can apply some of that knowledge in investing. For example, how could you invest in a new biotechnology company if you didn't have any sciences classes?


Soon, all of you will leave this school and face a myriad of challenges. Many of those challenges will be made more difficult by the financial demands of our evolving culture and the laws that form the foundation of our culture. The goal of this class is to give you a head start so that you are prepared and can anticipate the challenges that lie ahead. So, WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME to your opportunity for greater success!!!