How The Class Will Make Money - Curriculum Overview & Syllabus

It’s time to make money! Well, hypothetical money actually. This course will introduce you to the general business and legal principles that will guide you as you start your investment career. There are thousands of financial products and even more laws that are relevant to investment decision-making. Don’t worry!

Together, we will learn the basics of the financial and legal worlds. We will use a variety of resources from going home to watch the investment news channel all the way to downloading investment podcasts to your I-Pod or I-Phone!!! One will be provided if necessary.

We will learn the basic terminology that will help guide you through the world of investments. You will apply your new vocabulary and understanding during a research project that provides you the opportunity to utilize your new skills. We will even have an investment contest.

Yes, that’s right! You will be buying and selling stocks and bonds and forming your own investment portfolio. Don’t worry!

Although the stocks and bonds are real, they will be traded in a virtual account.

So, let’s learn how to make money and perhaps more importantly – how to not lose money.


WEEK 1          Introduction to General Business Principles


WEEK 2          Introduction to General Legal Principles


WEEK 3          Introduction to Securities


WEEK 4          Introduction to Securities Regulation


WEEK 5          What is a stock? Why would I want to own stock?


WEEK 6          What is a bond? Why would I want to own a bond?


WEEK 7          What is an investment portfolio? Why do I need an investment portfolio?


WEEK 8          NO CLASS – FIELD TRIP TO  CHICAGO STOCK EXCHANGE; Research Paper Due: A Weekly Review of Investing


WEEK 9          In-Class Activity – Bulls & Bears Board Game Day 1


WEEK 10        In-Class Activity – Bulls & Bears Board Game Day 2


WEEK 11        Mock Investment Competition (WINNER GETS EXTRA CREDIT!!!)


WEEK 12        Review of Investment Competition


WEEK 13        Final Exam