Classroom Rules & Expectations


Our classroom rules are quite simple. They are just as important as the material we will be learning. Always practice these rules like the investing rules that you will learn in class.

1. Arrive on time and complete pre-class readings;

2. Be prepared to discuss the readings with the class;

3. Do not interfere with the classroom learning experience;

4. Ask questions!;

5. Complete the readings, games, and contests to the best of your ability...effort counts if you appear to be making an investment in yourself;

6. Everyone in this class is taking the class for their own reasons. There will be no discussion of other students' abilities or current investing. We are all starting with a clean and equal slate!!!;

7. Most importantly, if you ever feel that you are being treated unfairly or feel uncomfortable, please come to see me so that I can help you succeed in a comfortable environment.


While it is my hope that all rules will be followed, I realize that my students have other activities and events that may conflict with our plan. The classroom rules are meant to be a supplement to the school's disciplinary plan. Violations of our classroom rules will have pre-determined consequences that the class and I will create on the first day of class. Finally, please bring any time or event conflicts to my attention as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made to accomodate each student and the class as a whole.


You will strive to make every day an investment in yourself and your future.