Effective Media for Title I Purposes

                In the resource room, we use the Promethean Board. Most of the time, we use starfall.com and Reading A-Z. Each of these programs are multimedia and serves as a tool to help your child learn to the best of their ability. This generation of students is considered Generation “Z”. Basically, they are children who were born while technology is commonly used (for example: tablets, cell phones, iPads, PS4’s, Xbox 1’s, etc). I learned in my Educational Technology class that the best way to connect with the children and to give the children the best learning experience is to present lessons and activities through technology. Education is constantly evolving and the students respond more to technology now more than ever. This teacher website is also a great tool to give you (the parent) access to what your child is working on when they are pulled from their classes.

Millennials vs. Gen Z

*Summer Shaffer



With starfall.com and Reading A-Z, the students are able to take turns using the pen and answer questions and participate in activities specified to their intervention. We also get to use the boards for fun! If the students make noticeable progress (for example a 10% jump on their sight words) they can choose an activity they want to participate in on the board. Most of the time, the students choose gonoodle.com on Fun Fridays so they can dance. This gives the students motivation to continue to work harder on their interventions.

Click the link to see two students having fun during dismissal with GoNoodle: