About me

Hello, i am Brighton MozLap, i teach middle school, history, 8th grade math, and 7th grade science. I also teach elective chess 1st semester, nature 2nd semester. I have 2 kids, Joseph 8th grade, and Taylor in 5th. I  am 34, and i have been teaching for 12 years all at Mudslide, and i have always thought middle school, and always been the 8th grade homeroom teacher, i believe in challenging my students to the best of my ability, and i teach them, all your actions, have a result, and not all will be good results. I lalso believe the best way to learn is by usualy doing so we will be taking a lot of feild trips, and we also take about 8 feild trips just for fun, and if they are good we go on more, a lot will be over night trips. But i am also the organizer, of many events, i am also in charge of student counsel, also the tech person for the school. 
If you need me my email is- mudlside8th@gmail.com NOT mudslide8th@gmail.com