Rules and Consequences

  Students are expected to obey the classroom rules.  These rules will be written together as a class. Your child will keep a behavior log to keep you informed of his/her behavior.

Clip-Chart -The discipline plan I am using this year is a clip-chart.  Each student has a clothespin. They begin each day with their clothespin on “Ready to Learn”.  They have the opportunity to move up the chart by displaying positive behaviors in class or down the chart which is from displaying negative or inappropriate behaviors in class.  Those students moving “up” the chart will be rewarded and those students moving “down” the chart will have various consequences depending upon the behavior.

 Behavior Logs -Students will be keeping behavior logs on their behavior in the classroom.  This will allow you to see how your child is acting at school.  I will have students write positive and negative behaviors they are showing in class.  You will need to sign these if your child brings them home.  They will only be brought home if I have had them made an entry of their behavior (positive or negative).  Please don't be worried if they tell you to sign their log in because it may be for something good they have shown in class!