The learning objectives for my test include

1. Students will be able to describe a variety of different careers

2. Students will be able to explain the associated skills that are needed to perform a particular job/career 

3. Students will be able to identify the types of jobs they would like to do when they grow up

4. Students will be able to identify and determine what the necessary steps are for them to achieve their dream job/career

For my test, I would use a variety of different test example questions. I would have fill in the blank questions, matching list questions, sequence type questions, and compositions questions. My students would be able to either come into class to take this test, or they would be given the option to take it online. For the students who would decide to take the test online, they would be allowed more time to take test, due to the fact that they would have to type up some of their answers. The test for the students that took the test in class would be timed and they would have less time to take the test. I would try to make the test online as easy as possible to navigate and take online, to reduce stress, anxiety, and the workload for my students. With that being said, the following below, you will find sample test questions that I have designed for my course.

The test questions include:

1. Fill in the Blank

I am a doctor that specializes in treating conditions that affect the skin, what type of doctor am I? I am a ______________ .


2. Matching List Question

Match the following careers with their associated job descriptions and job descriptive skills.


Accountant                                                    I need to get some red  fabric samples for my clients


   Chef                                                                                                   The ticket for your cruise are in the mail


      Travel agent                                                         I need to develop some new dishes for the menu



Interior designer                                                            I handle and keep track of money for people and companies


3. Sequence Type Question

Put in order the correct steps it will take you to achieve your dream career in the future. Use the numbers 1-5 to place the correct steps in order. For example- 1( First) 5(Last)


Graduate College

Find a Job/Careers

Get accepted to a College

Graduate High School

Choose a Major

Graduate Middle School

4. Fill in the Blank

 I study the composition ,structure, and history of the Earth’s crust. I also examine rocks, minerals, and fossils remains to study the development of the Earth, who am I? I am a ______________ .

5. Composition Question

Write an essay explaining what you want to be when you grow up. State what job/career you hope to have when you are older and why? Draw a picture of yourself working and performing the necessary duties for the career/job you have described above.

Sample Test Item- *See Below


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Career Test: Who am I?


Read the following questions and choose the best answer that fits the description of the career/job. Then circle and mark your answer


1) I bring you your dinner in a restaurant. After dinner, I bring the check. Remember to leave me a tip.

a. a cook

b. a waiter

c. a hostess
d. bus person

2) If you have a problem with your car, I can help fix it.

a. a mechanic

b. a doctor

c. a car salesman

d. a psychiatrist

3) If you need to find a book, come see me and I'll help you find it. I might be standing behind the circulation desk.

a. a teacher

b. a professor

c. a librarian

d. a pilot

4) I make an earning of about 1.1. million per season, what do I do?

a. a radio broadcaster

b. a TV show host

c. a football player

d. a fashion designer

5) If you want to buy a loaf of bread, you'll have to pay me on your way out of the supermarket.

a. a lawyer

b. an engineer

c. a cashier

d. a salesperson

6) I study the universe… the stars and moon

a. an astronaut

b. a stewardess

c. a soldier

d. a police officer

7) I build bridges, construct highways and roads

a. a dermatologist 

b. a mechanic

c. an engineer

d. a reporter

8) My annual salary a year is between 40,000 dollars and 47, 000 dollars, what do I do? I make $ 46,930

a. a lawyer

b. a songwriter

c. a veterinarian

d. a therapist

9) I write the articles you read in the newspaper.

a. an author

b. a journalist

c. a reporter

d. an actor

10) When you ride on an airplane, I'm the person flying.

a. a mechanic

b. a ticket agent

c. a flight attendant

d. a pilot

11) I study underwater life

a. a scuba diver

b. a  dentist

c. a marine biologist

d. a  swimmer

12) I help people calculate account for the money they spend or invest

a. an accountant

b. a banker

c. an insurance agent

d. a bounty hunter