Course Syllabus





ETEC 101 – Careers of the World…My Future, My Life, and My Career!


Teacher:  Ms. Baylis

School: Castle View Elementary

Grades:   4th- 6th

Room:     323

Room Telephone: (951) 258-9136



Fall 2013 Schedule


Course Description-

This is an introduction course to careers of the world. In this course, one will learn about a number of different careers and jobs that make up the world. The basis of this course, will introduce you to careers that are not your typical careers one would learn in you traditional classrooms.

Course Delivery Format: (Time/days/location)


Synchronous/Asynchronous meetings-

  Tuesday and Wednesday from 3pm to 5pm, class will meet. We will meet online (At your Home for a Hybrid session) or in the Computer Lab Room- 323.  Tuesdays we meet in the computer Lab and Wednesdays, you will have the option of either coming into the Computer Lab to do your work or working away at home.


Instructor-led or learners-led-

This course will be both instructor-led and learners-led. As an instructor, I will guide my students and assists them as much as possible when needed. On the other hand, this course will be learners-led, so that the students will have the chance to share and collaborate with other students. Students can learn from other and teach each other different things.


1. Class Sessions-

Classes will be held everyday from 3pm to 5pm. Classes will be held face-to-face and online. Each session will last a one-week period of time. Students will be required and expected to attend and participate in every class sessions. They will also be expected to complete and turn in any given assignment.

2. Online Sessions-

Student will sometimes meet online with me for class, and conduct class sessions through the web. Students will need a computer and Internet access to do this.

3. Internet-

Students will be expected to be able to use and navigate through the Internet, in order to complete different assignments.

4.Emails- Students will be expected to send me emails throughout the course of this class, to carry on with discussions, questions, or concerns they may be having. Students are expected to having a working email system and address they use, if not they will be instructed to create one. They may also use their parent’s emails addresses to send me assignments as well. However, if they choose this option, I will need parent’s email address prior to the student using their addresses.



Students will not need any prior training or knowledge about the topic. All knowledge and necessary material will be given to you once you complete the course. However, students will need to have basic skills to operate a computer and navigate through web. They will also need to be able to construct emails on a regularly and be able to handle with care the technological equipment given to them.  In addition to this, students will need to be able to construct paragraphs in order for different writing assignments.


Course Learning Objectives:

1. Students will be able to describe a variety of different careers

Students are being asked to explain their understanding of different careers. They are being asked to use what they know and what they have come to understand about careers, in order to explain a number of them one’s to their instructor.

2. Students will be able to explain the associated skills that are needed to perform a particular job/career 

Student are asked to explain the various skills that it takes to perform in various careers/jobs. They have to use what they understand about the material to be able to this. 

3. Students will be able to compare and contrast different career paths and choices

 Here students will need to distinguish between two different things. In this objective, the student is being asked to look at the difference and similarities in careers, by comparing and contrasting different them to each other. 

4. Students will be able to identify the types of jobs they would like to do when they grow up

Students are being asked to use their knowledge and understanding of the content material, in order to identify the types of jobs they might want to do in the future.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Course Assignments-Weekly Activities (Topics, Durations/Timeline)



Time Period Duration

Topics/ Class Discussions


Week 1

Sept. 15-21

1. Introduction of Students- Learning Index Survey


2. Introduction of the course


3. Introduction To careers




Intro to Careers and why it is important to learn about various careers/jobs

Week 2

Sept. 22-28

1. Self Interest


2. Salaries and Lifestyles



* OM

Class Discussion:

Define what interest you


Week 3

Sept. 29 Oct 5

Class Discussion

1. What Careers Do I Know of

2. Minimum Wage Jobs vs. Dream Jon



Construct a KWL chart

Week 4

Oct.   6-12

Explore       Careers# 1-5



*F2F-Oct 6-9

*OM- Oct 10-12

Choose one of the careers introduced and do a report on it

 J1-Journal Activity

Week 5

Oct.  13-19

Guest Speakers


Writing Activity

What did you learn from the guest speaker?

Week 6

Oct.  20-26

Interview a person of your Career choice



Write a report about the person you interviewed


*Email Teacher

Week 7

Oct. 27 Nov 2

Field Trip # 1


5 things that

interested you that you learned from on the field trip about the career


J2-Journal Activity

Week 8

Nov 3-9


Careers # 6-10


*F2F-Nov 3-6

*OM-Nov 7-9

Who am I and What do I do Game

Week 9

Nov 10-16

Create an Education Plan for the Future




Plan out a education and college plan with your parents for your future


*Email Teacher

Week 10

Nov 17-23

Field trip # 2

Web Quest of the Career

Week 11

Nov 24-30

Top 3 Career Choices



Class Reports


J3-Journal Activity

Week 12

Dec 1-7

When I Grow Up I Want to Be



Write a paper on what you want to be when you grown

*Email Teacher

Week 13

Dec 8-14



Closure Of for the class

* J1, 2, 3- Journal Activities * F2F- Face to Face * OM- Online Meetings




All About Things People Do- by Melanie Rice (Week 2)

The Rosen Publishing Group's- A Day in the Life of Series (Week 3)

Career Day-?by Anne Rockwell (Week 5)

Sally Gets a Job- by Stephen Huneck (Week 7)


Evaluation Plan:


-Students will be measure off their success on how they fully complete the assignments at hand. Students will be graded on their effort and their participation within the course.

-At the end of weeks 4, 7, and 11, student’s success and achievement levels will be measured by asking them to complete journal activities for these three weeks.

 -In the journal activity, they will be asked to write what they have learned within the past week about careers/jobs.  Also students will be asked to write a report stating what they want to be when they grow, including the skills the job requires, why they choice the job, and how they will achieve the job.

-Finally, at the end of the course students will be given a final assessment, in which the assessment will test their understanding of what they learned and acquired throughout the course.

Online Participation Guidelines:

Participation will be highly effective in this course. One will need to participate in this course on a weekly basis. This means that one will need to complete all assignments and be fully engaged in the learning material. You will need to submit all of your assignments on the scheduled date, unless told otherwise.

The purpose of the course material is to enhance your knowledge on various careers that make up the world.  The learning material will ensure that one understands that the world is made up of more than your typical careers that you normally learn. The learning material has been specifically designed to encourage you to learn about various careers that make up our world. As an outcome, I can only hope that you leave with the knowledge and information that can help you pick a career later on in your future.

 Everyone will be required to read to require readings, participate in class discussions, answer journal activities, and turn in written career reports. Also one will be require to be present for guest speakers and attend at least one of the scheduled field trips. All grading will be determined on a point value system. 

Instructor Technology Skills:

First and foremost, the instructor needs to be knowledgeable and educated about the topic at hand. The instructor should also posses some type of skills and background experience in the material she introducing and teaching to students. As an instructor, one will also need to be able to develop a fun, engaging, and educational material needed to teach students with. The instructor will need to have basic computer skills. They will also need to be able to navigate throughout the web and be able to use PowerPoint, the Internet, Smart boards, and use the proper and necessary technological tools needed to teach the course.


Instructional Design Processes:

The design I would choose to follow would mostly likely be the ADDIE model. I would choose this model because I think it would fit more into the course of which I am trying to design. I think what the ADDIE model has to offer, allows me as a creator to have more options and opportunities to explore and elaborate more in my course design.  I also would use the ADDIE model over the Rapid Instructional design, because I would not want to sit through a number of different trial and revisions with my model and design. Plus, I think using the ADDIE model would not only help me as an instructor, but the students as well. The ADDIE model promotes effective learning. Despite this, its cheaper than using the Rapid Instructional Design, but more time consuming. However, the Rapid Instructional design might work as well, because as instructors we are always make corrections and altering different things to help work things in and out. The Rapid Instructional design allows us to make corrections as you go along in the process, just in case you had to change something along the way or in the beginning of the course. Overall, I think the ADDIE model is the best fit for my design because it allows me to follow a step by step model, that I could use to make sure that I was addressing and covering everything that would need covering.