Good Start Delivery Evaluation Survey


 Sample Evaluation Questionnaire Survey

Answer the following survey by rating each question with a 1, 2,3,4, or 5. 1- Strongly Agree 2- Agree, 3- Neutral, or 4- Disagree, 5- Strongly Disagree.

1. Did you successfully introduce yourself to your students?

2. Was the course orientation insightful?

3. Do your students know who you are as a person/instructor?

4. Are your students familiar with the course and what you expect of them?

5. How much knowledge does your students have of the course topic?

6. How familiar are your students with the technology tools that are being presented within the course?

7. Did you successfully identify what technological tools will be needed in your course?

8. Do you as instructor feel or agree that you know more about your students after having your students complete a student interest survey?

9. Are your students aware of the course policies and course requirements?

10. Ways of contacting and getting in touch with instructor was delivered?

11. Technological support and web help was determined where to be found?

12. The objectives corresponded with the learning activity?

13.  Were your students aware of the grading criteria for the course?

14. Are your students knowledgeable of the course requirements and what it takes to succeed in the course?

15. All my questions and concerns were answered during the course orientation and introduction?