How are grades earned? 
Physical Education is not "playing" or "running around" to get rid of energy. In physical education here at Heritage students are engaged in a variety of activities that focus on the Essential Standards. Students develop their abilities in Motor Skills, Movement Concepts, Health Related Fitness, and Personal/Social Responsibility. Students are held accountable and earn their grades through their performance and ability to demonstrate they can meet the standards.

Appropriate attire will be reflected in their grade under the essential standard of Personal/Social Responsibility. This will also impact their performance upon other standards. Parents and students need to understand that there is a safety concern when students are not properly prepared for physical activity and judgment will be made if it is safe for your child to participate due to their attire. 

Medical Documentation from a licensed professional is needed to excuse a student from participation and is also needed if a student has an orthopedic issue such as a sprain, fracture, etc. to return to activity. Also, teacher judgment will be used if a student is cleared to participate with a hard cast on their arm if it endangers other students in the activity. Students will be unable to perform that activity due to potential hazards to the other children.

Asthma students are expected to participate in physical activities unless otherwise noted by a medical professional. Students should provide the school with the appropriate documentation for their condition and provide inhalers as needed.

Grades will be determined based upon the principal MODE- which means the most under the Standards based grading with Wake county. Please be aware of this based upon your child's assessments.