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All about Mrs. Lomans

I was raised here in the beautiful Sultan area, and graduated from 
Sultan High School. I went to Western Washington University and attained a 
Masters Degree from Lesley University. I have 3 wonderful children... 
Tim, and Tessa. 
I taught 5th grade for ten years at Sultan Elementary School, and this is my 
eighth year teaching at the Middle School. 
I love to teach and learn new things. I belong to a book club and enjoy 
reading many different genres of literature. I am looking forward to sharing 
my passion for reading and writing with you this year!

My Mission

My mission is to provide a supportive environment that promotes self-
discipline, motivation, cooperation, and excellence in learning. My goal is 
to have students foster an enjoyment of learning and respect for themselves 
and others.





News ELA

What is AVID
Intro to AVID
AVID in Action
Watch a middle school tutorial in action!!
"I'm a Promise"
AVID weekly
Socratic Seminar

Topics for Aurgumentative writing




The AVID acronym, “Advancement Via Individual Determination” is a class that implements leadership skills, family, and GRIT. I truly believe that “Grittiness” drives the passion of perseverance; which helps students to accomplish a long term goal. Whether the long term goal is college or career driven…AVID prepares students for SUCCESS!

I am personally proud to have had several years of AVID training. The years of training have helped me to be the best ELA and AVID teacher that I can be for my students. AVID!!!!!!! smiley


Weekly Schedule Weeks at a glance...  Everything you need for AVID!!!!


Costas Levels of questioning

Three Column notes :)

Examples of good tutorial questions

Coaching tutorials (TUTORS click here)
Everything you need for understanding Tutors click hereAVID
Coaching tools

Helpful A.V.I.D. Forms

Use the links below to get a copy of commonly used forms in the AVID class, but also forms to help you in your other classes. PARENTS please get familiar with these forms, so you know what your student should be turning in on a daily to weekly basis.

Cornell Notes:


  Google Doc Cornell notes

  Comprehension strategies for all classes

  NEW info on Cornell notes

  Collaborative Inquiry
  Cornell notes Template Lomans
  Cornell notes teaching powerpoint
  Cornell notes rubric
  Cornell notes and self assessments

  Math Cornell notes
  Cornell notes checklist for self assessment
  Standard Cornell notes template 
  New AVID binder checksheet

Click here  to see how to fill out a TRF

1) Tutorial request form TRF and Tutorial self assessment

2) New TRF Think Aloud Form

Previous TRF think aloud Form

3)Weekly Learning Log- Filled out every Friday in class, use this form if you are absent.

Cornell Notes Format Website- great website for students and parents!!

5)G.P.A. Calculator- Don't forget to use this in high school too!!

6)Essay Writing Tips- Use this site as a tool to help make those essays truly excellent!

7) 30 second speech for tutorials

8)Need Help Starting Your Essay?Click Here for a great website with samples

9)AVID Portfolio Checklist:The items that  a student will collect to show their best work from the year using AVID strategies.

10) AVID binders

11) AVID and the Common Core State Standards

12) AVID weekly

13) AVID Fridays







Narrative Writing PLOT TEMPLATE

Sensory details

Story Transition Words

Argumenative Writing Outline





Just know....when you ask me for extra credit points, I am going to ask you, "How are you doing with all of the original class points that have been assigned" ?


Sometimes students miss their goal by just a few points and need a little extra push to get them over the hump. See below to better understand the exciting  forms of extra credit for this course. 

Student may earn a maximum of 6 extra points towards their final grade, each marking period. Please keep in mind that extra credit is a privilege and may be accepted or denied at my discretion.


Choice #1

How many time have you read an news article and come across a "fancy word" and context clues just weren't enough? Well why not turn that into a learning opportunity? Read a credible article, identify and define 4 words, and get extra credit! 
Note:  Article and word acceptability are up to teacher discretion.
Extra Credit Points Earned:
2 Max

Choice #2

In our everyday lives we often come across some grammatical errors that sometimes make us shake our head. Why not turn other people's mistakes into extra credit? When you see a word crime snap a picture, screen shot it, tear it out of the magazine, etc. and then complete a "Crime Report" and turn it in.
Extra Credit Points Earned:
1 Max

Choice #3

Read any good books lately? If so, why not tell a classmate about it? Fill out a book recommendation and help a friend choose their next literacy journey! (plus earn some extra credit while you're at it)
Extra Credit Points Earned:
3 Max

ELA 6 Honors 


News ELA


Character Traits

CERJ Sentence Starters for C (claim)

Reasons and Justification Template for R/J




ELA Textbook

News ELA


Character Traits

CERJ Sentence Starters for C (claim)

Reasons and Justification Template for R/J