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Outstanding Students of the Week

This Year we are very excited to have the students back to school.   We will be experiencing a new way of learning.  The first semester we will review the basics in writing, reading and mathmatics.  Beginning the second semester, all 1st through 5th grade students in Mr. Brown's class will begin to integrate themselves in the mainstream classrooms.  This includes, writing, reading, mathmatics, science, PE, art, music and lunch room activites.  The students will not only learn valuable  academic skills but also have the benefit of social interaction. 

 Being this is the first month of school, there are many events for both parents and child.  Please take a few minutes of your time to join us at these events.

Sept 10 – Welcome Back to School

Sept 13 – Initial parent –teacher conferences

Sept 19 – Learn to Roller Skate Night

Sept 24 – Science Fair

Sept 29 – Safety Assembly


Homework Assignments:  All homework assignments will be posted in this area.  Currently all work is completed in class but as we integrate with the mainstream classrooms, the teachers will assign homework to each student.  Please assist us in completing this homework.  The homework will be listed in the table below and updated each day.


Homework Assignments
Name Teacher - Assignment Date Due Completed
Brandon Mrs. Bennett - English 14 October 2012 Yes
Abbey Mr. Crink - Mathmatics 14 October 2012 No - extension
William Mr. Martin - Writing 16 October 2012  
Joseph Mrs. Bamgardner-Mathmatics 18 October 2012  
Nicholas Mr. Brandon - Reading 18 October 2012  
Clay Mrs. Nash - Music 19 October 2012  

September 2012
Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
            1 - NS
2-NS 3- Reading /Writing 4- Mathmatics 5- Specials 6- Music/Art 7- Science 8-NS
9-NS 10- Mathmatics (Welcome Back to School Event) 11-Reading  Writing 12- Science 13 - Music / Art (Initial Parent Teacher Conference) 14- Specials 15-NS
16- NS 17- Specials 18- Music/Art

19- Reading /Writing (Learn to Roller Skate Night)

20- Mathmatics 21 - Science 22-NS
23-NS 24- Music / Art (Science Fair) 25- Science 26-Reading / Writing 27-Music / Art 28-Specials 29-NS