About Me


NAME: Mr. Bumphrey

SCHOOL: Tony Hillerman Middle School

CLASS: 7th Grade Math

SCHOOL PHONE: 505-792-0698 Ext. 37540


About The Teacher

Hi, my name is Bill Bumphrey.  I am a native New Mexican and grew up here in 
Albuquerque. I have both a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education and a 
Master of Education Degree.   I have a Level Three-A Instructional Leader Teaching 
License and I am "Highly Qualified" to teach Mathematics, 
Language Arts, Social Studies and Science in the Middle School setting. 

I am married to a wonderful woman who also works for APS at Volcano Vista 
High School. I have three awesome grown children and two wonderful grandkids.

My philosophy of education is that every student can succeed in life, but 
they all do it in different ways.  I believe that learning is social, so 
students will often work in groups to solve problems and develop inquiry 
skills. I do, however, hold students individually accountable for meeting 
classroom and individual goals.