Can I make up assignments that I missed?

YES! But only if you were absent for the assignment. You have one day for 
everyday you were absent to make up the assignment (example: absent two 
days, you have two days to make up the assignments.) It is the students 
responsibility to get the assignments they missed.
Can an assignment be turned in late?
Generally late work will not be accepted unless you were absent. There are 
situations where an assignment can be turned in late other than an absence. 
Talk to me first.
How can my son/daughter improve their grade?
1. They should do their homework as completely as possible.
2. Turn their homework in on-time.
3. Ask questions during class.
6. Come in for help in the morning before the bell.
7. Study for quizzes and tests.
8. Form a study group with friends.
9. Check out math web sites that have extra practice help and examples.
How can I get help with my math homework?
You can go to the math links page or go to the CMP3 math links for 
 for all information associated with CMP3. There is also a parents link to help out with CMP3.
If these do not help call APS Dial-A-Teacher at 344-3571 Mon-Thur 5:30-
8:30 p.m.