Chapter 14 Review Guide

Rendezvous SystemWas the system set up where furs were brought back to a central location in the west for saleChapter 14Forging the national economy
George CatlinFamous artist and painter; helped create a push for national park systems including Yellowstone
Irish GermansTwo major immigrant groups during Old Immigration
1840s and 1850sPeriod of time of Old Immigration
Along seaboard citiesWhere most of the Irish immigrants settled
Ancient Order of HiberniansSecret society founded by Irish to assist Irish immigrants
Molly Maguire’s’Famous Irish miners union
CatholicismMajor reason for fear and anger of Irish and German immigrant groups
Kindergartenwas the name for the “German preschool” program started by the new immigration?
Know-Nothing PartyNativist party formed against immigration
George Westinghousewas the inventor of the airbrake for railroads
Cyrus McCormickwas the man that invented the mechanical reaper
Samuel Slaterwas known as the “Father of the American Factory System
1848was the best year for German immigration to America
No Irish Need ApplyWhat did the abbreviation NINA stand for
Eli WhitneyCreator of the Cotton Gin
New EnglandArea that most of the textile industry occurred in
Wage SlavesNickname for workers tied to industry much as slaves in the South
Commonwealth v. Huntwas the court case in Mass. That declared that labor unions were indeed LEGAL
1793was the year in which the cotton gin was created
Frederick PabstJoseph Schlitzwere the 2 most famous German brewers to “make Milwaukee famous
Cyrus Fieldwas the man credited with building the 1st transatlantic cable in 1858
Elias Howewas the inventor of the sewing machine
Samuel Morsesaid, “What hath God wrought”?
1844was the year in which the telegraph was invented
George Pullmanwas the individual who invented “sleeping and dining” cars for the railroad
John Deerewas the person who first invented the steel plow
1860was the year in which the Pony Express was begun
Donald McKaywas person most responsible for creating most of the clipper ships
Domestic Feminismwas the new assertive role that showed more independence for women even though most were still in the traditional role of housewife
Catherine Beecherwas the 1st woman to encourage other women to become teachers
Cult of Domesticitywas the phrase that glorified the traditional functions of the homemaker for females
Lowell Factorywas the phrase that glorified the traditional functions of the homemaker for females
Lancaster Turnpikewas the name for the 1st important road project in the U.S.  It was built by a private Co
1817-1825was the dates of both the “Era of Good Feelings” and the building of the Erie Canal
Robert FultonWas credited with the creation of the first steamboat
ClermontName of the first steamboat
Iron HorseNickname given to the railroad
Market RevolutionName given to the revolution that occurred in industry and families during the Industrial and Agricultural Revolutions