Chapter 15 Review Guide

Second Great AwakeningReligious movement in America during the early 1800sChapter 15
Camp meetingThe type of meeting that most of this religious movement spread by
MethodistsBaptistsTwo denominations that gained the most from the movement
Peter CartwrightFamous “circuit rider” or traveling preacher
Charles FinneyGreatest of the revival preachers of the Second Great Awakening
“Burned over district”Area in NY in which many of the religious movements came from
Millerites or 7th Day AdventistsMormonsTwo major religious groups that came out of this area
Joseph SmithFounder of the Mormon religion
PolygamyPractice of Mormons that allowed them more than one wife
Brigham YoungLeader of Mormons after Smith’s death that takes them to Salt Lake City Utah
SlaveryIssue that split religious denominations down sectional lines
“Alcohol Republic”Nickname given to the US because of the large consumption of alcohol
American Temperance SocietyOrganization that tried to control alcohol in society
Ten Nights in a Barroom and What I Saw ThereFamous book that described the effects of alcohol on society
TS ArthurAuthor of this book
Neal DowKnown as the “Father of Prohibition”
Maine LawOne of the first laws that prohibited the sale and manufacturing of alcohol
Lucretia MottElizabeth Cady StantonSusan B. AnthonyThree most famous women’s rights reformers
Seneca Falls ConventionMeeting of women’s rights supporters
Declaration of SentimentsStatement issued that was the declaration of women’s rights
Horace MannFather of education
Noah WebsterCreated standardized American English dictionary
William McGuffeyCreated readers of early school children
Emma WillardEstablished Troy Female Seminary
Dorothea DixReformer for the mentally handicapped
New HarmonyBrook FarmOneidaShakersFour utopian communities established
Gilbert StuartCharles Wilson PealeTwo famous artists of American works during this period
Hudson River School of ArtSchool of art that focused on American landscapes
Stephen FosterFamous musician who wrote minstrel songs and My Ol’ Kentucky Home
Knickerbocker GroupName for the literary artists who wrote American literature that boosted American nationalism
Washington IrvingJames Fenimore CooperWilliam Cullen BryantThree famous authors of this group
TranscendentalismIdea that truth transcends the senses
Ralph Waldo EmersonHenry David ThoreauWalt WhitmanThree most famous writers of this movement
Henry Wadsworth LongfellowEdgar Allen PoeNathaniel HawthorneHerman MelvilleFour other famous authors