The Council for Exceptional Children, California Subdivision of the Division of Autism and Developmental Disorders (CA-DADD) has now been reactivated.  This special interest group is being reconvened in order to serve the needs of students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and developmental disabilities across the state of California.  The CA-DADD will act as a clearinghouse for conferences, resources, and trainings for direct service providers to individuals with autism and developmental disabilities.


Vision/Purpose Statement.

 “CA-DADD is organized to enhance the quality of life of individuals, especially children and youth, with autism, intellectual disabilities, and other developmental disabilities.  The Division seeks to further the knowledge base of the field, thus ensuring the continued advancement of positive educational and life outcomes for those with autism and developmental disabilities on a national basis, as well as within the State of California.”


Mission Statement

“To inform and educate practitioners in order to provide high quality, evidence-based programs for students with autism spectrum disorders and developmental disabilities.”