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Reading 3 - Homework and Assignments


Assignments due: To find page numbers of stories/essays - use the index in the back of your textbook and find alphabetically. Because editions change so frequently, assigned pages could be off by one page or two.

Mon. 9/9 - you may begin reading Chapter 1 and take notes for Monday's class.  This is not an assignment, but a suggestion. 


WEEK 1 Introduction to the Course; Study Skills and Success Strategies [Opening Doors (OD) Ch. 1: “Making Yourself Successful in College”, p. 3.]


Selection 1-1: "Why Go To College?" Feldman, p. 29 (Study Skills)

Selection 1-3:    "Saved" Malcolm X, p. 55 (Literacy)

Due Wed. 9/11

Read and take notes on chapter 4 (OD), p. 205 and complete exercises 1 and 2 in a notebook or in the textbook (your choice).

Due Mon. 9/16

Finish reading "Saved"p. 56 and answer all of the questions following the reading.

Then, read "A Warning to Students . . ." p. 235 and answer all of the questions that follow.

Due Wed. 9/18

Read chp. 5, take notes, and complete the exercises within the chapter.  Finish "Muhammad," p. 262 and all of the questions that relate to that reading.

Due Mon. 9/23 - Read "Violence in Television and Video Games . . ., " p. 316 and answer all of the questions that follow that reading pp. 319-326.  Then, choose 10 vocabulary words from that reading and write 10 original sentences using those words correctly in a sentence.








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