Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,


I am so excited to start out this school year!  During the year we will be using the standard-based report card to inform you of your child’s progress and achievement.  The Illinois Teaching Standards are the basis for determining progress and achievement.


Although the report card is an important part of home and school communication, it is not the only way to know how your child is doing.  Throughout the year, your child will be working on many activities that will help him or her learn new concepts and skills.  Please take the time to review some of these activities and assignments with your child.  They will give you various sources of information about what your child is learning.  Also, please review your child’s planner daily.  It will contain homework assignments and notes from me when needed.  Please write any comments or questions you have for me in the planner as well.


I will provide you with a weekly progress report.  This report will not contain grades but will let you and your child know where to focus so that success can be reached by the end of the semester.  Remember, learning takes time and practice – just like athletics.


At the end of each semester, the report card will not contain grades but rather a plus or minus based on your child’s achievement of the standards.  These marks will be based on a variety of evidence such as projects, presentations, tests, observations, and conversations. 


Lastly, the report card also has a section on the General Learner Outcomes for all students in all grade levels.  These are the positive behaviors and skills that lead to success in work, home and school – responsibility, work habits, thinking skills, quality performance, communication and technology.  I will let you know how often your child demonstrates these behaviors.  Please support your child by checking if your child completes homework daily, asking your child what he or she is learning, and helping your child work and play well with others.


My contact information is listed on the last page of the website.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  I am ALWAYS willing to help!


Thank you,


Carly Byron