Chemistry Concepts! The Most Super Fun Class Ever!

Hey All!

We are going to try this thing called a class website!  Rediculously exciting, right?! Laughing

What is the purpose of this Ms. K?  Why must you torture us not only at school, but on the internet?

1.  I can post homework and you cannot make the excuse that you did not know or you did not know what it is.  Why you ask?  Because it is right here on the site!  Oh and don't even say you don't have a computer because I have observed people going on-line with their cell phones.

2.  I have nothing better to do...ummm...yeah right.  

3.  Oh, and your parents/guardians can always know what is going on in class and if you are supposed to be completing an assignment each night.  Laughing = me and your parents/guardians.  Yell = you.    *chuckles* 



CH 9 Study Guide Due 

Review for CH 9 Exam

Study for CH 9 Exam 


 CH 9 Exam

Notebooks and Packets Due 

 W Begin Chemical Reactions (10.1)