Thematic Units

Thematic Unit

 Throughout my 5 years at WVU I have had to create and implement many units. Here are a few I have created and taught in the classroom. 

Pumpkin Unit

 Through standards based learning students will discover fun facts about pumpkins. This unit will also use read alouds, hands on discovery learning, and whole group instruction to help students learn and explore pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns. 

Diversity Unit

Diversity is a very important concept to teach in the classroom. During this short unit students will travel to other countries to discovery what thier own culture compared with other cultures. Listen up because we have to be back before the bell rings to go home. Don't forget your passport because we will be exploring India, Russia, and Thialand.

Dinosaur Unit

For my masters thesis I partnered with a Pittsburgh, PA museum to bring science to life for my second graders.