This was a relatively good class as far as exposing me to ways of integrating technology which I was unaware of. I think what I am most likely to integrate into my future classroom is the flipped learning. I think that has the potential to really help a class focus on a greater depth of understanding and content mastery.

I would like to learn more about virtual and augmented reality in the future. I struggled with these because there is not a lot available, yet, for civics topics. But I believe as the use in education grows so will the inclusion of more and more fields of study. I am finished with my courses, so I won’t be able to use what I have learned in future courses.

I am still apprehensive about the use of technology in the classroom. Maybe it is my age, as I have not been in K-12 school in a very long time. When I was in high school we had a computer class where we played “type the falling letters” on a screen that was black with green pixels. My apprehension stems from the feeling that some are pushing for technology to be used as much as possible, rather than just to enhance learning. I feel that if the concern is students knowing how to use technology, then there should be a technology class. But I do see the use whenever it will enrich the learning process.

I wish this course was more face-to-face. I have avoided taking online courses because I know myself, and when I am as busy as I was this semester, it is hard for me to remember a class I do not go to. I also felt lost on a couple of assignments, and Dr. Christensen is very helpful and approachable, but there were times when I felt I was probably the only one lost and I needed to just figure it out; so, I did not reach out to her, although I should have.

My attitude towards technology in the classroom is a little more open than it was in the beginning of the semester. As I mentioned, I am still apprehensive, but I see more uses and more ways that it can be used to facilitate a deeper learning experience for the students. Despite all the stress I put on myself, I am glad to have taken this course.