Unit Plan

Compromises of the Constitution

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Unit Overview

Unit Plan Title

Compromises of the Constitution

Curriculum-Framing Questions


Essential Question

Why are compromises important?





Unit Questions




How did economic, political, and social compromises create a federal republic system of government?

How did desires of large and small states require compromises to create our constitution?

How did economic issues influence compromises in our constitution?

Why was compromise needed on issues that seem to have an obvious right side?

Unit Summary

One of the most important concepts for students to understand is that conflict in the legislative process can be very productive. When people disagree, they must work together to find a solution that works best for everyone. Often through this debate, many details that may have been overlooked by one party will be noticed by another and brought to the attention of the whole group. Debate and compromise are useful ways of crafting the best solution to a problem. In this lesson, students will work together to research one of the compromises in the U.S. Constitution. They will then create a presentation showing both sides and why the compromise was necessary.