CICS Ellison Writing 2

Hi! This is Ms. Jenkins and Ms. V. Welcome to our page! You can find videos, handouts, and explanations to help you stay on track and improve your writing skills. If you were absent, you're welcome to look at what we did; however, you must bring in a note signed by a parent or guardian in order to make up any missing work. 

A few tips for a successful year:  

1.) Keep organized. Use your binder to keep track of all your notes, handouts, score sheets, and graded tests and quizzes.

2.) Bring in those notes! Don't let missing work cause you to fail.

3.) Ask for help. Ask for help. Ask for help.



If you do not want to learn, no one can help you.

If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you!


Click on these links for a quick brush-up:

  Apostrophe Use

What's a Pronoun

Comma Rules

Identifying and Correcting Run-ons

Sentence Parts

Sentence Combining


Click on these links to play a game:

Pin the Apostrophe!

Pronoun Fun!

I-Spy a Comma!


A Sentence Part-y!

When 2 Become 1!


Click on these links to quiz yourself:




Sentence Parts

Sentence Combining


PLAY THIS GAME TO WORK ON A VARIETY OF SKILLS! Warning: We may not have learned all of them YET. 

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