Lesson Plan Explanation 2014


Lesson Title & Arts Area


School & Grade Level


Arts Educator

Lesson Designer


Short statement about designer & lesson development  & place in Long Range Plans

 Short bio statement so the reader knows more about you than your name.

Statement about where this instruction goes in your LRP – what happens to lead up to this and what happens after/because of this lesson


Unit Description

Big idea?

Essential questions?

 Short unit description.

Big Idea – Essential questions are the same thing in different format.  It’s the big CONCEPT that you are trying to teach – not content.

South Carolina Visual and Performing Arts Standards Addressed

Make sure that you are using the STANDARDS and not the frameworks.


Instructional Objectives

The student will be able to:

Description of Instruction 


Methods of instruction used – lecture, demonstration, small groups, Q and A, etc.


Teacher Procedures



These two sections will seem very repetitive but it is important to separate exactly what the teacher does and exactly what the student does.

 Introductory Statement: “How will you introduce this to your students?”

The teacher will:





Student Activities


The students will





 Make sure that you assess each objective based on each standard.  For this showcase lesson, the assessment must be more than informal observation.  You should design a meaningful assessment instrument that helps the students to achieve the standards and documents their learning.

Materials Needed






List any rubrics, checklists, vocabulary sheets, music sheets, etc. that you will use in your lesson and attach a copy to this lesson.