Running Out of Time


Running Out of Time                              Chapters 11-15


Vocabulary:  Choose and define 10 of the following terms. 


















Discussion Questions

On a separate piece of paper, answer these questions on chapters 11-15.

  1. This novel is written in third person.  Explain the benefits and limitations of using third person.  Please be specific.
  2. Jessie must think back to conversations she has heard from her Pa and the other men as they discussed the area around Indianapolis.  What does Jessie know about Indianapolis?  Are there any questions she has about this city?
  3. Think about the story to this point.  Briefly write three strengths and weaknesses about this story.  Be able to justify your opinion.  Example:  Strengths – easy to read

              Weaknesses – not enough shock on Jessie’s part when

                                   the truth is revealed to her

  1.  There are over 30 items, terms, or concepts that are new to Jessie in this section of the book.  List as many as you can.  The list has been started for you to complete.

                    camera, bread truck, pizza, telephones, large corn fields,….

  1. As Jessie embarks on this journey she experiences many emotions.  Please complete each statement with an appropriate response.     Jessie is ….

example:  amazed at…the sights and sounds of this new world

Curious about

Fearful as

Thrilled when

Happy about

Lonely when

Surprised that

Suspicious of

Impressed by

Disturbed at

Surprised at the variety of

  1. Why would an environmentalist and poison water be such foreign ideas to Jessie? 


Prediction:  Write a well thought out concise answer to these questions.


  1. Has Jessie been followed from the compound?  If she has, how was it done?  If not, how will they discover she is gone?


Supplementary Activities:  Choose one of these activities to complete.  Make sure it is thorough and well developed.  Be sure to edit for grammatical and spelling errors.


  1.  Write a story about an example of bravery from a friend of family member.
  2. In a one page essay, describe Indianapolis today.  Try to find pictures to accompany your essay.
  3. Pretend you are Jessie and are able to write Ma a letter.  Compose such a letter telling Ma how you feel, what you have seen, and your reaction to this new world.


Reflection:  During Jessie’s journey, she becomes homesick.  Briefly describe what ‘being homesick’ means to you and list the people/things that you would miss the most.  Complete the poetry pattern using concepts from your list with specific explanations to help us understand your choices.  Make this Introspective activity a reflection of the things you hold most dear!


Being homesick means missing…


the sound of … because…

the scent of … because…

the feel of … because…

the taste of … because…

the sight of … because…