Meet the Teacher

  Hello class my name is Craig Mariano.  I atttended Schaumburg High School and I graduated from Benedictine University.  A goal of mine as a teacher is to get the students involved in the classroom activities.  Participation and group work is very much a part of the curriculum and I am going to encourage children to participate and engage in classroom activities.  If there is a student that has a problem with participating or communicating with other students in class.  Have that student come and talk to me because my door is always open.  I want to make sure that the kids feel safe and comfortable in the class.  I will be there to help provide any accomidations for a child who is feeling uncomfortable during class time.  If there is ever a problem or parental concern feel free to email or call me.  It is important to set up an appoitment rather than a parent coming to my class unannounced.