Classroom Policies

Attendance:  Attendance will be taken shortly after the bell rings.  A child gets two unexcused and two excused tardies for the semester.  If a child or parent calls me to tell me that they are going to be late then that would be an excused tardy.  If the child or parent does not call to inform then it will be unexcused.  After the child child recieves two excused and unexcused I will then call home to set up a meeting with the child and parent to discuss the attendance procedure.

Homework:  Each day a homework assignment is late the paper will loose 10% everyday until it is turned in.

Extra Credit:  I do give extra credit or fun assignments.  If a child does well on a test or on a paper that might earn them a free homework pass that they could turn in.  Some of my tests will have extra credit opprutunities provided in the exam.

Food/Beverage:  The only time food and beverage will be allowed in class is during a class party.

Particpation: As I mentioned earlier participation is a big part of the grade so it is important that the child particpates and shows up on a regular basis.