Individual Rewards

All students can earn good behavior tickets.  I give students good behavior tickets for getting along with their classmates, following directions, staying on task, helping another student, showing good character....

Students need to accumulate a designated amount of good behavior tickets before they can trade them in for a reward.  Students can choose to trade them in for a small reward (pencil, eraser) or save them and trade them in for a larger reward.  There is a poster in the classroom showing the students the number of good behavior tickets needed for each reward.

Sample List of Individual Rewards

  • computer time, homework pass, lunch with teacher, line leader, teacher's helper, extra free time.....

Class Rewards

The class can earn marbles for our reward jar.  They can earn rewards by: exhibiting good behavior, staying on task, receiving a compliment from another teacher, behaving well in the lunch room, by sitting quietly and are ready to work...  Once the jar is half full the students will vote on their class reward. 

Sample List of Class Rewards

  • movie day, pajama day, game day, picnic day