The Science Behind Plasma - Fabrication

How does plasma cutting actually work? How it is that plasma is able to cut through such a hard material as metal? Why is it so important that we use plasma assist gases? The following is a brief overview of some of the science behind plasma cutting technology, how it works, and why it is so tremendously powerful

Routine Maintenance and Cleaning of Hypertherm Torches

In addition to the webinar Hypertherm gave on lengthening plasma consumable life, they also provide some helpful suggestions for routine cleaning. Here are some of the steps for routine cleaning that will keep your Hypertherm Torch in optimal condition from the Hypertherm Torch Maintenance Guide

Variations of the Plasma Cutting Process

  • Conventional
  • Dual Gas
  • Water Shield
  • Water Injection
  • Precision


Plasma Assist Gases

In plasma cutting, the most commonly used gases include: compressed air, oxygen, nitrogen, and an argon/hydrogen mixture. Various combinations of each gas may be used as either the primary plasma cutting gas or secondary assist gas to cut different types of material.

Hypertherm: 7 Reasons Plasma Beats Oxyfuel


When Do You Justify Investing in Plasma Technology?

As your business begins to grow, operations managers need to consider ways to improve their operations: to handle more volume, faster processes and superior quality to your competitors.



How to Get Longer Plasma Consumable Life

CNC Plasma owners know how important it is to utilize their plasma consumables to their full product life, especially when it can save you product quality and equipment costs. Consumable life may seem like an inevitable and uncontrollable thing, but in fact with proper use and inspection, you can get much longer consumable usage.

Plasma Consumable Life & Performance

Hypertherm provides us with ways to get the longest life out of your Plasma consumables. This presentation describes the function, critical features, how to measure wear, and how to get the best life of your shield, nozzle, swirl ring, and electrode.

Consumable Care and Optimization

Hypertherm Cutting Institute allows its users to learn about the care and optimization of their high quality consumables with quick and easy eLearning courses.

FineCut™ Consumables

In our Plasma Cutting Glossary post,**//FineCut//** **//Consumables//** were defined as, “A line of Hypertherm consumables that deliver significant improvements in cut quality on thin-plate metals by providing a narrow kerf width, reduction in dross, and virtually no heat-affected zone.”