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     Welcome to the home for ALL of Ms. Neun's classes.

Current Unit 9th: Identity

Current Unit 10th: Political Rhetoric

Recommended guides

          As ELA courses are all about writing, I highly recommend the following handbooks/references:


NOTE: and are both excellent sources for buying secondhand books/textbooks!


Back-to-school Files


Google Classroom -Used for agendas, unit files, questions, etc.

Ms. Neun's ELA Success Tech Guide - What tech items students will need to succeed. Follow all instructions. (Parents: this is essentially the Open-House guide)

Contacting, Grades, Assignments, Calendar - All are done via JupiterGrades. 

Resources + Unit Packets (both grades -Will have all resources needed for all units and grades.

Cell Phone Policy

     Cell phones are to be on silent (NOT just vibrate) or shut off entirely during class and in your backpack. Not on a desk, or in a lap, or under your rear: IN YOUR BACKPACK!!!  If a phone is seen, it will be taken by Ms. Neun. Phones can only be retrieved AFTER SCHOOL. Repeat offenders may find their phone sent to the office, with instructions that a parent must be present to retrieve it. Whining, crying, excuses, or outright defiance may result in students receiving a referral in addition to having their phone sent to the office. This is your warning.

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