Ms. Constance's Classroom

CLASSROOM RULES & PROCEDURE                                                         

  • Come to school on time
  • Bring what you need with you.
  • Listen to the teacher.
  • Follow directions.
  • Be kind to others.
  • Use your manners.
  • Work hard & do your best.
  • Keep your hands & feet to yourself.


     I will be sending home an information packet with a permission slip for you the parents to read and sign. It will be explaining what the students will be using the internet for such as research and other projects.  Also in the packet you will find a letter from me explaining how important it is for you the parent to tell your child that if they miss use the internet that there will be consequences they will have to face and one will be that their internet privileges will be taken away. If you have any questions please call.


You will be able to access your childs grades on .


There will be a list of what the students are doing. From their projects to homework.


Here I will have a list of the students homework.