My Classroom Website

Welcome to my math site!

This is the place to go to find resources to be more successful in math! I am including some of the links we use in class (no pens casts yet, haven't figured out how to upload them in this format) and interactive sites. Simply look for a topic, and click on it! I have included separate tabs for INTEGERS and FRACTIONS as there is a wealth of resources for these topics. Topics will be listed in the order they were covered in class.

Parents - I am including a link to the PA department of Educations index. On this link you can get practice pssa tests and on this one you can find scoring guidelines, item samplers, formulas and other useful items!

At the end of this page (scroll down please) I have included a library of other sites, many of which I use in class. there is also a link to the text book that we use that is very informative.



I have found a few great math sources that may be of help to anyone wanting to get an explanation of a topic, or find games or more practice to improve math skills. These are: